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I have never been the kind of person who plans ahead much. I don’t bother to check in online, I don’t even look up my flight. I kind of just…so up.

But everyone needs a little help. The modern-day cliche of “there’s an app for that” has gone from ironic to probably true, there really IS an app for that. Even I have succumbed to using a few.

So here we go. A quick rundown of the apps I use to make travel a tad more fun and every so slightly less stressful.

The following apps are on my personal phone, being used and I recommend them on personal experience.





Google Earth

I like this one purely because its fun. if I get super lost I like to open it and retrace my steps. Like moving backward trying to find where you put your keys.

Google Maps

I have an apple device but apple maps sometimes just don’t like me. It’s better than my previous phone that had a glitch and showed that I was always one road to the left. I was very impressed that I learned to cope with it. (after getting lost SO many times)

I like Google Maps over WAZE because you walk everywhere in Europe and for walking directions it’s just much better.


Tube Map

(this is for London but all major cities worldwide have these)

After many visits my beloved London I still occasionally have to look at a map to find my route. This just makes it so much easier.


Google Translate

This is helpful for when you need to buy toothpaste in a foreign country. Where English is not the spoken language. If you can’t say it, find a way to type it. There are many translation apps, but Google is the quickest and I have been able to find many bathrooms using it. I have also managed to order food that wasn’t raw. So #winning.


Lounge Buddy

I once had a 17-hour layover in Dubai. It’s fucking boring. This fab app helps you find comfy lounges all over the world. Now I waste time eating cheese and drinking all the booze before my flight.



Lonely Planet Guides


These guides are the BEST I have ever used. Want to know what to see? Where to eat? Whats cool and just random facts, Lonely Planet it the actual tits. I even use it for my own city. It gives you opening times, costs, everything you need to know about the places you want to see. All in one kiff guide. (you can download them and use them offline too)





Because I am not stressing to get to a hotel lugging bags around. I would rather pay for an uber and just get there to take a dump and a shower.

Currency Converter

My phone has a built-in one. I am not one of those “don’t look at what you spend people” fuck that, I still have to come back and live in Rands. If I pay R100 for a coffee I will still cry but I’ll still order the coffee.


Honorary mentions:

Google Drive

Back up your travel documents. You never know when you can trip and fall and your passport falls out and boom you are lost and your visa expires and then you get deported. (yes these are actual fears I have) So just back up your shit.


For ALL the travel photos. Duh.




Yes, this post is clickbaity, but I figured it was time for some fun.



  • Lizna

    haha I love it! Wish I had that app for the tubes when I was lost in Paris…

    August 17, 2018 - 2:08 pm Reply
    • greenlydia

      There must be one, but i hear the metro is a nightmare.

      August 17, 2018 - 4:55 pm Reply
      • Lizna

        We found the station but we couldn’t find a ticket station and no one wanted to help us. Ended up taking the most expensive taxi ride of my life

        August 17, 2018 - 7:38 pm Reply

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