I went to PE for a day and fell in love

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You know how you meet someone and it just works? It’s like your lives are in sync. You speak the same language, but more importantly, it is the kind of friendship that never requires you to explain any thought, feeling or action. because the other person just gets it.

I found this in someone whom I had never seen in person. Yup, Twitter friends are real.

Greenlydia has been in existence since 2011. Back when it had a map as a background and .wordpress.com was home. There was this one blogger who I saw commenting on silly things I wrote regularly(and she still does). But she was a mommy blogger and I avoided it like the plague. After following her on twitter I saw something in her that I didn’t in other bloggers. She was PROPPER witty and I LOVED her very dry humour. It wasn’t too long until I slid into her DM’s. Yeah, I totally Twitter stalked her. This woman was GOING to be my friend. I had decided this.

We totally hit it off. At first talking about the common denominator, blogging. But soon we delved into other topics and it became clear just how similar we are. From upbringing to life goals to our common love for finding weird shit for sale on the internet. There I was, talking to a person so much like myself it sometimes freaked me out a little just how well she understood me. It wasn’t long until we were friends on Facebook and ultimately found our little safe zone on Whatsapp.

This is how I met Megan. 

For the past two years, she has been there for me no matter what. She has been my biggest cheerleader, my voice of reason, my rock (and klap when I needed one). She understood me in a way no one else really ever has and I still don’t quite know what I did right in my life to be able to call her my best friend. She has made me cry all the tears with very well-timed messages or just links to songs because she understands my thing with music. Of course, we have differed of opinions on some subjects and in many ways, we are the same person who took two different life paths. She chose marriage and children at a much younger age than me. (She takes great delight in freaking me out with gross baby stories). Yet we are in the same place with so many aspects.

So here I was with this person I call my best friend. I have never hugged her, I have never been able to gossip over coffee and play with her dog or watch cat videos with her kid. Because I choose best friends who live in other provinces. So clever.

Megan lives in PE and I swear the universe held us apart for a year and half. We tried to see each other but it just never worked. Last year when I found out she was pregnant with magic kid number two I knew I had to make it happen before his arrival. I just didn’t know how close I was going to cut it.

Megan was with me through the toughest year and half of my life. She was there at 2am when I was still working. She was on the phone with my sister when I was in ICU at midnight. She cracked some really messed up jokes about all that has happened since. It hurts to laugh yet she makes gasp for air. Bitch right?

But baby boy number 2 was well on his way and I HAD to see my best friend. So I did it. I booked a flight to PE for one day and dragged my dude with me. We landed on a Sunday and spent the Monday morning/afternoon with her (and her circus). I made it just in time. No really, she was induced for labour the next day. I hugged her and we spoke for ages. It was just so easy. I immediately felt at home in her house and her dog fell in love with me too. I have selfies of us and I will hold them dearly until we are able to take more, very very soon.

I went to PE for 24 hours to meet the person who held me together when the cracks were too much to bare.

Below are some photos of Seaview (where she lives) PS there is no McDonalds. Just a PSA.




My office for the day because I still had to work. 


Seaview. No really.



I HAD to touch the water when we got there. 


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  • Leigh-Ann Otto

    I’ve read this story so so so many times and it makes my heart explode each time!

    August 27, 2017 - 12:29 am Reply

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