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Whether you celebrate it or not, Valentines a thing. We were silly enough to get married on Valentine’s day and now have to have that cliche follow us around for eternity. If you complain about the concept of Valentine’s day or if you go all out to show someone how much you love and care, Valentines is rolling around soon and I have the PERFECT non-date date idea for you and your partner.

GO WALK A DOG (and stay for a picnic)


Lucky Lucy Foundation is situated on the N7, 20km outside of Malmesbury. This is possibly the best sandy plot you will ever visit. Home to (I am going to guess wrong here but Id say easily) over 100 dogs and cats and kittens. Every Saturday come rain or shine a group volunteers walk the dogs and do a few chores around the farm. it is truly one of the most relaxing ways to spend the start to your weekend.

When I am in Cape Town I go with my Sister and we put our phones away, walk dogs, play with kittens and just talk. Gosh I love it there. If walking isnt your thing, there are SO many ways you can help. Read more about them here. 

This Valentines Day instead of buying flowers for your special someone, why not buy and plant a few at the Lucky Lucy Farm? Why not show off your fitness (kidding you don’thave to be fit to walk a dog) and flex your muscles while walking a pup? Perhaps showcase your softer side by being a jungle gym for VERY loving cats in the cattery. Do something this Valentines that will show you really care.


What is more romantic than a picnic? Pack a basket full of your favourite goodies (don’t forget the dog biscuits) and dontate R200 towards Lucky Lucy. R200 also gets you some cool stuff đŸ™‚

Hope to see you the farm đŸ™‚

Like Lucky Lucy on Facebook for more information.



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  • Alexandra Waltman

    Thank you Lydia =D

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