I’ bad with diaries. I have a fear someone will one day find it, read it and completely misunderstand it. Words are so easily twisted. Even short direct sentences. But pictures, ah pictures do nothing but confuse and amuse.

One day, some day. when someone (hopefully my kids) find my visual diaries, I hope they say “Gawd my mom is fucking awesome” I hope they read into the entries exactly what they want to. Because only I will ever know why I doodled what I did. Its not so much a diary as it is a compilation of doodles.

Its a thick book and will take me quite a while to fill. I hope to have many. Some day. I will be posting/sharing some of the entries periodically. Not that they will make much sense, but I hope someone finds my doodles pretty.

Below are a few random things from my book.

20130809_190543 20130809_190537 20130809_190524 20130809_190520 20130809_190511 20130809_190455 20130809_190446 20130809_190435 20130809_190426 20130809_190405 20130809_190355 20130809_190345 20130809_190330 20130809_190315 20130809_190549 20130809_190554 20130809_190612 20130809_190624 20130809_190636 20130809_190735 20130809_190724 20130809_190715 20130809_190705 20130809_190700 20130809_190654 20130809_190739 20130809_190745 20130809_190748 20130809_190803 20130809_190811 20130809_190824










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