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Let’s break this trip down in parts shall we. Firstly we need to cover the weddings. Yes, plural.  There were two. My cousins and my brothers. Both very different and very foreign. But massive fun never the less. Secondly we need to cover the countryside. Kent, the garden of England and all its charm. (Also strange foods) Then we need to discuss the midlands and why it’s beige and beautiful all at the same time. Then we move over to Bath, Summer Set. Why everyone needs to get there and we will end off with London. Where you stare at things and constantly point at buildings and go “that’s older than South Africa”. Of course you need months and (and many £) to do all of London, but we covered our bases pretty well. Buildings were licked, photos were taken and inappropriate jokes were made.

I am back in the same continent as my laptop again with about 14 pages of hand written notes on our travels. Catching up on work as well as deciphering my scribbles might take a few days but the first post or two (and a few non travel related ones) will be up this week.

Just a little catch up because, you know, I missed talking to an imaginary audience.








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  • Nicky

    You look gorgeous in the above pic…oohlala!

    June 10, 2014 - 5:33 pm Reply

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