United Kingdom – Kind of an unplanned trip.

It’s one of those just get on a plane and go kind of things. (My favourite kind of holiday)

Alright guys, get ready to be bombarded with photos of red busses. That never gets old to me. In two days we (Oscar, Mum and I) hop on a plane bound for London.  My big brother and awesome cousin are getting married. Not to each other. TO OTHER PEOPLE.  They decided to make it easy on travelling family as we come from all corners of the globe and planned their weddings in the same week.  YAY for TWO weddings!

So here are the towns we will be visiting in the next two weeks.


Map courtesy of I travel UK. Click to enlarge. 



London – duh.

Rochester – Brother lives in Wainscott (I think that’s how its spelt).

Dover – Because it’s a nice drive and I like the white cliffs.

Birmingham – Cousin lives here.

Bath – Oscar’s brother and his wife live here (One of my favourite towns on earth)

Hopefully the list grows as we go from place to place.

So let’s hear it? Can anyone recommend anything in any of these places (or in between) to do or to see? Or to eat? We like food.

For now I have 4 separate lists of things that need to be done before we leave. Wish me luck.

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