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Trier, the place I didnt know I needed to see.

Theres a golden hour in autumn in Europe. The sun hits everything around you and for a brief few moments your day lights up in gold. Everything shimmers and your shit mood melts away. 

I don’t like much of Germany. I sound awful saying it. But Germans are intense. Maybe I’ll like it more if I ever get to go there to explore. (I’ve only ever been there for work) But the drive from Düsseldorf along the Mossel to a town called Trier really stole bits of my heart.

Nothing has a golden hour quite like Trier, the town where we stayed for two nights. 

It was the little German town I never knew I wanted to see. The Porta Nigra is right in the middle of the town. The river to your north and miles of vines stretched out in the golden sunlight.

I had a Sunday off here and I spent it walking right across the whole town. I spent 4 Euro to climb the Porta Nigra to the top. Worth every cent. It’s the only remaining gate to the great Roman Empire and was build by Julius Caesar. It’s quite the structure and the black stone makes an impressive sight right in the center of town. 

 The streets are unlike the rest of Germany and the Roman heritage is strong. Karl Marx was born there. Who knew? I thought he was born in Russia. The town has a little museum for him but you can kind of tell the Germans are too amped about it. Like they don’t want people to know the father of communism was born German. 
I ate raw herring. It was vile. I sat down for dinner in a nice restaurant and they served horse, as a specialty. Suffice to say the food was not my scene. 
But the lighting sure was. I went to the cathedral, I make a habit of this wherever I go. I lit my candle and said my prayer and sat down for a few minutes and just took in the gorgeous stained glass windows. The church is 748 years old and one of my favourite things about Europe is that you can always step into one of these churches for a quick sit down and you’ll see parishioners, tourists and staff at any given time. All quiet. All just being there.I needed quiet. It was a hard trip. 

Trier is one little town that you need to add to your list of places you need to see. See it in Autumn. See it at sunset.



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