Hands. Aren’t they useful.  I like pretty hands and think you can tell a lot about by someone by the colour of their nails. Their hand shake, their cool rings they are sporting and they way the wave.

I am NOT a beauty-bloggers and I don’t care about the products you use, I buy a colour, not a brand.  I like painting my nails fun colours. And no, I don’t boring bright colours. I mean I paint santa and reindeer on my fingers for Christmas. I paint little bunches of grapes for work. Or even little wine glasses. Its art. Just tiny art you carry around with you where ever you go.

I will be sharing “how to’s ” here. But not the kind of crap you google where you cant see the colours or you have no idea if your nail polish will achieve the same result.

I will be using easily available brands you most likely already own, no fancy tools or gadgets. But tooth pics and sponges.  I will even teach you how to mix a colour.

Let me show you how to give your hands the pzazz they deserve.



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