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Things Change

Change is always weird. Everything about change is uncomfortable, even changing your clothes sucks. Who actually wakes up and looks forward to getting dressed. I don’t. 

But change is inevitable. Seasons, fashion, people, even underwear. It’s natural. Why do we fear something so…natural? Greenlydia hasn’t had much change over the 8 years of being active. Yes, holy balls, 8 whole years of bad writing, oversharing and pretending I know how to travel when I STILL pop anti-anxiety pills like candy before trips. 

I would like to welcome you to the newly renovated Greenlydia, the average travel blog. Much like a newly renovated house, there are still a few snags. The walls settle and the cracks show after a while. Some links are broken and there are spacing issues here and there. With good builders, it will all be sorted out in no time, but the house still needs to be lived in. Well, written in, in this case. 

Greenlydia has always been a source of joy for me. I have written about many changes over 8 years. The one constant is my love for new things. With a bit of a facelift I hope to bring you more travel tips, mishaps and weird lists I make along the way. Maybe share where I had a great bottle of wine of a beer with someone interesting. 

Blogging in SA has taken a knock. From people turning on each other to people turning toward each other for help and a sense of community. Things change. Involvement changes, views change and even friendships change. Whether you buy into the blogging community or not, it’s there and it’s quite a force. I will be very honest and tell you I didn’t plan on redoing my blog, buying a new theme and spending the hours trying to get it back up again. My site was broken from the inside, it was messed with. I was messed with. 

Change isn’t all bad. Actually, it’s a pretty great thing. I have grown up here. The bits of me I have chosen to share with the world. I have learnt lessons here. I have also learnt some damn cool skills by running a blog. An award winning one at that. For a long time I was being fed information that made me believe awards in the blogging space are not meant to be celebrated, but avoided. I no longer feel this. I want to own what I have won. My words, my photos. MY WINS. So don’t mind me adding that “award winner” to my bio after so many years. I am also ready to win a fuck load more of them. 

So here goes. Here’s to an era of change. A new fresh site. The same old me, just a little wiser now. 

I am off to Europe for work and you best believe I will be telling ALL the stories of what NOT to do on here (and maybe some tips on what I actually do right) 

I hope you like my new home. I really do. 



  • Natalie Wallace

    Loving the new look, it’s brilliant! I cannot wait for all the Europe excitement!
    Onward and upwards my lovely!

    August 30, 2018 - 3:50 am Reply
  • Maz

    I loved this… But I am one of those people who freakin live getting dressed in the morning 😂😂😂 sometimes I am so excited about what I am going to wear the next day, that I can’t sleep! You mean to say everyone doesn’t feel this way?

    I really enjoyed this post, and it is beautifully written. Thank you for sharing and have the best time ever!!! Bring me back some foreign chocolates.

    And you wear those damn awards like a badge of honour!

    August 30, 2018 - 9:12 am Reply
    • greenlydia

      Maz you are good for my soul. Thank you so much. And get ready for ALL the travel mishaps.

      August 30, 2018 - 6:54 pm Reply
  • Kerry

    Love the new look and this post was SO beautifully written!
    Can’t wait to read and see more

    August 30, 2018 - 12:11 pm Reply
    • greenlydia

      Aw thanks darling, I love that your name pops up here and it makes me smile.

      August 30, 2018 - 6:55 pm Reply
  • Megan

    Hey Lydia,

    I enjoyed reading your perspective on change, and I agree with you 100%, change is uncomfortable. Humans were not made for change, in fact our first reaction is to resist it. But how can we grow and become better versions of ourselves without change?

    All the best with your journey throughout Europe. I look forward to reading (and following) your adventures.


    August 31, 2018 - 10:37 am Reply
    • greenlydia

      Thanks so much Megan, You really are the authentic girl 😉

      August 31, 2018 - 11:04 am Reply
  • Andrey Golubvafe

    Dylan critics disagree about when this song was recorded. According to Olof Bjorner , “Things Have Changed” was recorded in May 1999 at Sterling Sound studios in New York.

    September 10, 2018 - 5:44 am Reply
  • Tahlia

    Hello “new-ish” blog 🙂 Happy to have you back!

    September 27, 2018 - 8:41 am Reply

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