The thing with my birthday.

Today is my Birthday. (Yay)

For the past few years my birthdays have been non-events. For reasons too sad and boring to mention here. Also STOP HAVING KIDS IN JANUARY. It’s cruel. I swear it’s the worst month to be born in. Only other Jan babies truly get it. Here are some of the reasons January birthdays are the WORST.

*Everyone (Including you) is broke.


*It’s your first month back at work after the Christmas holiday and everyone is partied out.


*People forget about you.


*It’s the first month back at work and people are grumpy because they stopped smoking/eating.


*No one remembers to bring cake. (Because everyone is dieting)


For a few years my siblings and I have joked about it. We call it the “Coetzee Curse”. Basically as a Coetzee you get ONE good “Special day a year”, Christmas, New Years or your Birthday. You won’t believe this but it is so true. I am screwed; I had a great New Years Eve.

But that said, It’s JUST a birthday and its level of importance is that of a mid-month Monday. Compared to all the WONDERFUL things we have lined up for 2015, who cares about a birthday?  Do I have any big plans? Nope, maybe the usual dinner with family tonight. Do I have a big wish list of things I want? No. I will be DEAD happy getting only cake. (Provided it is in a box, I like opening things)

So here is to another year. Another year of ME!

Where ever you are, I hope you eat ALL the cake today.


SIDE NOTE: I got woken up with GIFTS! My wonderful dude found the most perfect leather handbag for me and stuffed it with fun goodies. (Sorry vegans, I love leather)

He also smuggled a birthday card back from Cape Town from my mommy, with the most beautiful words and spoils.

Lucky girl né.

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  • zombeemom

    Happy birthday!

    I am a January baby, too. I feel your pain.

    January 9, 2015 - 10:55 am Reply
  • Miss C

    Happy birthday. I hope that you get cake, in box that is.

    January 9, 2015 - 1:47 pm Reply

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