The problem with walls.

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The problem with walls, is I have none.

When you travel, especially from small town to small town you notice a difference in the way people live. Where I grew up, houses didn’t have high walls around them. we played on each other’s lawns and in the street. Where I live now, if you pass a house without 6-foot walls you worry about their safety.

Lately, I have learned that people are a lot like houses.

There are so many songs and beautiful poetry about breaking downs peoples walls. Smashing it with a wrecking ball while swinging on it half naked or slowly removing one brick at a time. I wish I had that skill. I wish I knew how to take others peoples walls down. Occasionally I have been able to construct a ladder to peak over and try and water their gardens. But I have yet to break down a wall.

I think I am bad at bricks because I have no walls. I invite people to jump through my sprinklers. I have picnics on the lawn and I have no signs warning off trespassers. Some guests have pitched a tent on my lawn. Others came in and picked flowers and left. Maybe they needed some prettiness in their lives. There have been a few to prance over the lawn and take a steamy dump on it before they leave again. Then the few who dug foundations and are now cemented there.

I envy people with walls. Maybe my lawn would be easier to keep green if I kept it to myself to water. But where is the fun in that? But just maybe having no walls is what makes greenlydia green. Maybe having an open heart is what makes me, me. Sometimes my grass is less green, sometimes it dies. But then we build sand castles.

I hope that your walls don’t stop you from letting people in to play on the lawn.




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