The People Of 2016

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People make the difference. My 2016 would have been considerable more shit had it not been for these people.

The one I used to share a surname with: 

For years we barely spoke. If we spoke once a year it was a lot. For so many reasons we stopped caring if we knew each other or not. Then something happened and we were the only two left. We learnt we are more alike than we ever knew but also so incredibly different. Thank you for being there when everything went to shit. Thank you for making me laugh about it. Thank you for coming to visit me more times this year than any before. We all love having you in Joburg.


The one from Twitter:

We have been interacting on Twitter for 3 years. We then befriended each other on Facebook. Clearly FB stalking wasn’t enough and we avidly read each others blogs. It wasn’t until we moved to Whatsapp (and then eventually 10-minute long voice notes on a daily base) that I realised you were my spirit animal. I would need someone to listen and I had to barely explain myself and you just knew. You just got it. You reacted in the same way I did and for the first time in my life, I realised that loving someone you haven’t met in person is in fact, possible. Next year we partner up and take over the world. Or die of laughter while trying. Thank you for only needing half a word and being able to fill in the blanks.


The one in wine: 

I am not sure how we came into each other’s lives but boy I am glad we did. We went from discussing work to discussing everything. I soon realised my days sucked without hearing from you. I have told this to you before but I really mean it. You are by far, the most intelligent person I know. As you are reading this you are correcting my grammar and I am totally okay with that. We are able to tell each other everything and not once have I feared judgment. You get it. I get you. Our co-working days are what I live for. Hopping from farm to farm, finding a good spot to check emails and inhaling scones at Lanzerac. I am so utterly thankful for your love and support and understanding.


The one who got engaged: 

We haven’t spoken in awhile and that’s okay. Because it’s us. Your dream came true this year and my heart wants to explode with happiness for you. We may not speak every day but you are still the person I will call when I need to dispose of a body. I know you will show up with a shovel and ask no questions. I love you fancy tits. Always have and always will.


The one I nearly walked out on: 

We have the kind of friendship people confuse for siblings. You might as well be my brother. It has been a really good year for you and I have been thankful for that every single day this whole year. I love you dearly and deeply and often feel it’s not returned. I am working on that. This year taught me that you do care, even when you struggle to show it. I came so close to walking away with a broken heart but you made an actual effort to fix things. I noticed. I love you for it. No matter how angry you make me, I will always, ALWAYS show up and help. Even if help is a warm dinner on a Sunday night. I am so proud of everything you have done this year. Thank you for putting up with me being difficult. Thank you for caring enough to try. Thank you. I love you with all my heart.


The annoying one I married: 

For you, there is no greater pleasure than to annoy me to the breaking point. I swear you get joy out of me snapping at you when you pull out strands of my hair into my face. You lick me in public. You regularly look at me and say “are you going out like that?”. And I wouldn’t have it any other way. We have had some whoppers of arguments. We wanted to kill each other a few times too. I even have someone I can call to help me get rid of the body. Don’t mess with me. But my goodness did we have fun this year. I love you so much it hurts. Adventures without you aren’t nearly as fun. Thank you for putting up with my short fuse. For putting up with me telling you I don’t like cider and making you buy something else for me to drink. Thank you for making my life a whole lo more worth living. You are my best friend. My favourite human. I love your face.





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