The great storm of 2013

Look I am no little scared of a boom Cape Townian. I have been in Joburg for 6 years and I love the thunder. I love that the summer days are sweltering and at 4pm on the dot the rain-god’s dump a tub of water on the city in the hopes to start a wet t-shirt contest.

Its refreshing. After that the air smells clean and that’s quite a big deal in Joburg.

Yesterday was the same routine as always. Working as per the norm. Hot day, cats sleeping on the bed then cold tiles then the bed again. At 4pm it got a bit darker than usual and the wind picked up. Still nothing to write home about.

It started with a few massive drops. Not those sprinkles and splatters people back home call rain. I am talking BIG rain drops, so big they hurt when they fell on you. (I ran outside to fetch the washing I had up on the washing line) I don’t randomly run around in the rain to see what it feels like. (I might have done this before. MIGHT. )

Washing in. Cats still sleeping so I carried on with work. Lightning started and I could hear it rolling a bit closer. We live on the tiniest of hills right next to a church. I have learnt my lesson with lightning. In the past 2 years we have gone through 4 Landline handsets (cordless) , 3 ADSL routers, and one laptop. Yes, lightning fried my laptop that happened to be charging in January of this year. When it hits the church it trips our power. I have learnt how far I can push it before putting all appliances off. When the windows rattle I know its time to switch things off.

Anyhow, I could hear it was hitting pretty close when the hail started. Nothing too bad. I’ve had plenty of hail here before….but then the hail got a bit bigger and then a bit bigger until I found the TENNIS BALL size bugger that came through the only window I had forgotten to close. (Bent our blinds to shit)


It was CRAZY! Our poor kitties went nuts and hid under my desk and then later they were both on my lap. It sounded like explosions when they hit the roof. I could hear things breaking/shattering but I couldn’t figure out what it was. I found no broken windows (luckily). It came down for a solid 15minutes. Raining ice-tennis-ball-bombs.

It died down a bit and was still lightly raining when I decided to brave the wetness to get a few photos of the yard. I didn’t go round the back, only the front yard. I figured AWESOME! That was SO COOL and no damage! Boy was I wrong. I went back in the house and finished some work & skyped with the boss in the states.

Oscar was out last night at a department year end dinner which normally means beers with the boys and he gets home round 10-ish.

I went about my business and had a couple things I wanted to get done in the evening. Finish a few homemade Christmas gifts and such. I put the tv on to for some back ground noise not noticing the wind had picked up again and it was coming down in bucket loads outside. Power tripped, annoyed I got up from my dinner to flip the mains back on. Got to the garage and our mains box was now a waterfall!  Our tv plugs and other things run through to the garage (Oscar did it to be all cool and have no wires under the tv, looks awesome) Water was seeping through the ceiling like I had never seen.  Streams of water in the kitchen dripping down the light fixture.

I put bucket and bowls where I could and phoned oz with an “ummmmm Our house is kind of flooding and the powers out” To which he responded “Cool, I’m coming” yes. He said cool.

He got here and we went around the house looking for damage. The leaking came from about 30 smashed and cracked roof tiles (Yes, it made HOLES in our roof)

2013-11-29 07.42.23

Our bathroom/drain pipes were smashed to bits. Also all the lights outside around the complex.

20131128_205111 2013-11-28 20.51.25 (1)


Speaking to our neighbours this morning I learnt the one lady’s wall collapsed at 2am and others had over 100 broken tiles and many had smashed windows. We got off lucky compared to them.


Forecast says its going to hit again tonight. IM READY FOR YOU NATURE! *stuffing towels under doors*

20131128_154652 20131128_153346 20131128_154631 20131128_153228


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  • Nicky

    Good grief! Thats is effing hectic! Glad you guys had as little damage as you did because by the looks of it, it could have been a whole lot worse!

    November 29, 2013 - 3:21 pm Reply

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