The average traveler.

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I do not have a full passport. I do not live on the road. I do not own a GoPro to film me diving into waterfalls and jumping out of planes. I do not visit extravagant resorts. I hate packing. I hate unpacking even more.

I am average.

I do average things and visit average places. I pack average items. But I want to take you along and tell you more than average stories.

Travel has been a topic of discussion that has always interested me. Listening to my uncle tell us stories of the things they got up to while living in Kenya for 30 odd years. My brother telling us stories of the tiger-print interior car he drove while living in Saudi Arabia. My mum has so many stories of driving up to and visiting Augrabies where my dad grew up on the banks of the Orange River. Stories, that’s what I fell in love with.

In the first office I worked in, many years ago, my manager had a poster stuck up in front of his desk. You know those crappy black and white printed ones. It read “Travel yourself interesting”. I will never forget it. Or the corner that was torn off probably from moving it around over the years. For a very long time I thought it meant “work hard to afford plane tickets”.  I craved international travel. And then it happened. I got on a long haul flight and the bug had bitten. I was a traveler. I was going places. It wasn’t until recently that I figured out I had it all wrong.

I was at dinner with a group of people who just got back from another trip to Europe. I asked “How was  country X, Tell me all the stories” Their response floored me. “Same old, this and that tourist spot was overrated and over priced” Then it hit me like a truck of mixed nuts. “Travel yourself interesting” did not mean I needed to visit every country in the world to be interesting and have something to share. It simply means you need to get out and explore everything. You don’t have to venture very far to have a story to tell. Visit your town hall, read up what the oldest building in the next town is and why people decided to settle there. You’d be surprised what a great conversation starter it is.

So Friends, Romans and Countrymen, I give you Green Lydia, the average traveler.

I hope to become the most average, interesting story teller you know.





  • Christopher

    I like your inset picture. Did you take it? Where’s it from? An interesting picture makes a very good start to an interesting story.

    October 27, 2015 - 6:43 am Reply
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