Tannie Rina’s Malva Pudding

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I live in a small town. Not much happens here. But because of that you get to know your neighbours. I have the most incredible neighbours. Tannie Rina and Oom Johan. (69 and 70 years old and still works everyday) Our cats have adopted them as grandparents and we are pretty sure they love “Ouma and Oupa” more than us. Tannie Rina makes amazing deserts and often sends some my way for Oscar and I to share. I don’t really share. Sorry Oscar.

I mentioned to Tannie Rina that I would like to learn how to make a classic Malva Pudding but only seem to find complicated recipes online. I am far too lazy for complicated recipes. I want something I can’t screw up.

Tannie invited me over to bake it with her one Friday afternoon. Trust me when I say you cannot mess this up. It’s just that simple.  I can listen to her tell me stories of what the town used to look like years ago, all day. It was such a rich little community and there is nothing left of it today.  But more on our small town soon.

I tried to snap a few photos with my phone but I was having too much of a good time to really care about the quality of the photos. Here is Tannie Rina’s Malva and its every bit as good as it sounds (and looks)




1 Egg

250ml Cake Flower

5ml Baking soda

5ml Baking powder

125ml White Sugar

Pinch of Salt

25ml Apricot Jam (Preserve) (fine)

30ml White spirit vinegar

250ml Milk


250ml White Sugar

125ml Rapidly boiling water

60ml Butter

1 Can of Ideal Milk (evaporated milk)

5ml Vanilla extract

Whisk eggs and sugar then add the rest of the ingredients, no really. It’s that simple.  The Tannie let me do the whisking and I did a damn good job of it if I do say so myself. (I didn’t mess, to me that’s good enough)

You “spray and cook” a casserole looking dish and bake the mixture for 45minutes at 180⁰C (Or until it looks and smells like Malva pudding. I you are unsure of what this is, wait until it looks and smells DELICIOUS)

When there is about 5min left for the pudding to bake bring all the ingredients of the sauce to boil then remove quickly. Milk (Ideal milk too) has this thing where it goes from 0 to molten lava in 5 seconds.

Take your delicious-smelling pudding from the oven and pour over the sauce. You can poke it with a fork to suck it up quicker. You can also poke it just because it’s fun.

And just like that you have better-than-Spur Malva Pudding in your very own kitchen. Enjoy it. Share only if your life depends on it.

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