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Movies that make me want to travel.

Movies that make me want to travel.

The average traveler isn’t always off on some adventure. Lets be honest, most of us live vicariously through others (then roll our eyes at their perfect holiday photos) who travel more often than us.

Instead of bursting of jealousy scrolling through my Facebook feed I like to put on a movie that makes me want to grab my passport and go. I figure getting inspired by a movie is better than lusting over friends holidays and trips.

Here are some of the movies that make me want leave everything and go explore.

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My must-see movie list.

My must-see movie list.

I read, I paint, I draw, I cook, I clean but I like a good movie as much as the next guy.

Just to sit and watch and then when the credits roll realize how mundane your life really is. I get lost in movies and day dream about them for days. I go and look for the soundtracks and just can’t get enough. Over December we try and stay away from malls and since we are at my family that time of year we spend our days out side swimming or playing board games and cards. So no movies happened over December. January was pretty hectic. Birthday, visitors and many other things that caused really late nights and very early mornings. Again, no time for movies.

But its mid Feb and I think we FINALLY have time to catch up on vegging out on the couch.

Here are the trailers of the films I am dying to see.

That’s it for now. If you have seen these drop a comment and tell me what you thought. Also any other movie recommendations would be awesome