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Escape to Augrabies

Escape to Augrabies

You know when you were in school and adults used to tell you they wished they were still in school and you thought they were out of their minds to want to be a kid again? The last few months I have become that bitter adult wishing I was back in school. Things got heavy and just like that spaghetti bridge you had to build in Grade 8, it only took one tiny bit of weight added for everything to snap and fall to the floor.

Everything came tumbling down on me last week and we got in the car and ended up meeting up with friends who went on a rowing trip on the Orange River. We met in Augrabies. The smallest little town that I had on my list of places I wanted to visit this year. 

I knew I wanted to see it, but I didn’t think I would fall in love.

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Top 5 Podcasts

Top 5 Podcasts

My obsession with Podcasts has reached a new high. I now download a bunch of them to listen to while I do all sorts of things. I listen in the bath, I listen while I work, on flights, I listen in the car and my newest hobby is forcing all my friends to listen too. I need someone to talk to about all these cool things I am learning don’t I?

There are so many great podcasts available to listen to, every few weeks I find a new one to add to my playlist. I think It’s a combination of learning new and interesting things (Like why Birkin Bags cost so much, or why universities own so many patents) and oddly enough it makes me more productive. Some podcasts make you laugh hysterically in public some make you cry and some you listen to till 3 in the morning because you can’t get enough.

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Tiny Towns – Tell your story

Tiny Towns – Tell your story

As an average traveler my destinations are often what other travelers consider boring. Not note worthy or vanilla even. But I have this theory that once you start enjoying the small dusty and dodgy towns you will enjoy the big trips to exotic places just so much more when the opportunity for them comes around.

My tiny towns series (Go read about it, it is totally cool) is some of the most fun posts I have written. Mostly because research requires you to get in the car and explore your town. Maybe even buy some damn good local food for dinner.

But I can only visit so many towns. Average traveler also means average budget.

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Cheat Sheet

(Still kind of under construction)



Here are my top sites for booking accommodation in SA. (and when to use each one)

SA venue – This site is probably the most found one when searching for weekend getaways or last minute accommodation. I do however find that there are loads who don’t list on their site.

Safari now – Safari is an older, established site. (Many little vineyard and country cottages use them as a booking system) They are very easy to deal with when you need to contact them. Great customer service. – I use this site for work travel. It has such a wide variety from hotels to BnB’s. What I like most about it is the way you can refine your search. Need wifi and breakfast buffet? Easy find on

Air BnB – GREAT for strange getaways. You can rent a little flat in the city for a night or two or a villa in Spain if you please.

Lekker slaap – Lekker Slaap has the most incredible local little places on it. I use this site when looking for places that sleep a few people. Friends getaway vs just Os and I. it feels as if many of the coolest little places are hiding away on this site.

Groupon – Hey look, Groupon is what Forest Gump would call a box of chocolates. You never know when you are going to get a coffee liquor dark chocolate or that kak one with the moerse nut inside it.

Daddy’s deals – Total hit or miss. Sometimes they have amazing deals and sometimes they are R5.00 off if you sleep 6 people and stay 8 nights.

Accommodation (1)

5 Reasons why I choose MANGO AIRLINES.

International…coming SOON.


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Perhaps a visit to a VINEYARD?

Pack up your things and go CAMPING. I know a great spot.

Looking for a fun night out in Joburg? Why not a REAL LIFE PROBLEM-SOLVING GAME.



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Go get some fresh air and visit a BOTANICAL GARDEN.

Perhaps a nice DRIVE in the Klein Karoo?

I have a little list of 5 PLACES (in SA) that I would very much like to see.

Accommodation (4)


Coming SOON.

Accommodation (5)


Going to the BEACH?

Going on a ROAD TRIP? (BONUS, some great road trip songs)

Gotta print that CHECK LIST. 


Accommodation (7)

Watch a MOVIE to make you want to pack your bags.