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Why I like to fly Mango

Why I like to fly Mango

I fly with local airlines quite often. Work takes me everywhere and its one of the things I like about it. But in the last few years I have become the person who no longer gets excited about take off but rather departing and arriving on time.

I have been flying with Mango several times a year for the last 3 years and am typing this as I am about to start the descend for cape town. I have flown with all other low cost airlines but I always seem to come back to Mango. They are simply the best. So here are my to reasons I choose to fly with Mango.

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Why I choose to live in JHB

Why I choose to live in JHB

I cannot tell you how Often I get asked why I live in Johannesburg, if I am from Cape Town. Every-time I explain that I work for a wine estate (am opening a tasting room/brand) but am based in Joburg, people’s immediate response is “Why on earth did you choose Joburg over Cape Town?”. Recently my answers have been short. ” It doesn’t matter where I live”. Because it really doesn’t. 

I understand the surprise as to why Joburg > Cape Town but what always takes me by surprise is that Joburgs’ own people are shocked others choose to live here.

It got me thinking as to why I really choose Joburg (and will for the foreseeable future)

Lets break it down shall we.

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Cheat Sheet

(Still kind of under construction)



Here are my top sites for booking accommodation in SA. (and when to use each one)

SA venue – This site is probably the most found one when searching for weekend getaways or last minute accommodation. I do however find that there are loads who don’t list on their site.

Safari now – Safari is an older, established site. (Many little vineyard and country cottages use them as a booking system) They are very easy to deal with when you need to contact them. Great customer service. – I use this site for work travel. It has such a wide variety from hotels to BnB’s. What I like most about it is the way you can refine your search. Need wifi and breakfast buffet? Easy find on

Air BnB – GREAT for strange getaways. You can rent a little flat in the city for a night or two or a villa in Spain if you please.

Lekker slaap – Lekker Slaap has the most incredible local little places on it. I use this site when looking for places that sleep a few people. Friends getaway vs just Os and I. it feels as if many of the coolest little places are hiding away on this site.

Groupon – Hey look, Groupon is what Forest Gump would call a box of chocolates. You never know when you are going to get a coffee liquor dark chocolate or that kak one with the moerse nut inside it.

Daddy’s deals – Total hit or miss. Sometimes they have amazing deals and sometimes they are R5.00 off if you sleep 6 people and stay 8 nights.

Accommodation (1)

5 Reasons why I choose MANGO AIRLINES.

International…coming SOON.


Accommodation (3)



Perhaps a visit to a VINEYARD?

Pack up your things and go CAMPING. I know a great spot.

Looking for a fun night out in Joburg? Why not a REAL LIFE PROBLEM-SOLVING GAME.



Accommodation (2)


Go get some fresh air and visit a BOTANICAL GARDEN.

Perhaps a nice DRIVE in the Klein Karoo?

I have a little list of 5 PLACES (in SA) that I would very much like to see.

Accommodation (4)


Coming SOON.

Accommodation (5)


Going to the BEACH?

Going on a ROAD TRIP? (BONUS, some great road trip songs)

Gotta print that CHECK LIST. 


Accommodation (7)

Watch a MOVIE to make you want to pack your bags.




Easy Peanut Butter Cookies

Easy Peanut Butter Cookies

No really, THE EASIEST recipe ever. Even when it flops it’s pretty damn good.

I felt like something sweet because life has been pretty bitter lately. Those whom know me well know that I am an okayish (home) cook but a miserable baker. I don’t know why but my cakes collapse and my cookies are burnt to a crisp 90% of the time.

I once baked a cake that turned to a strange solid substance to dense the dog didn’t want to eat it.

So I was thrilled when I didn’t screw these up.

Peanut butter cookies remind me of home. Brackenfell. Most of Cape Town rags on the Northern Subs but it will always be home to me. Peanut butter cookies remind me of the house we grew up in (well I did, my siblings were in High School already when we moved in there). Sitting in the kitchen drinking coffee and going through a tin of cookies in one sitting

Here’s what you need:

cookie 1

1 cup smooth peanut butter

1 cup white sugar

1 egg

1 little drizzle of Vanilla essence because it smells so nice.

Here’s what you do:

Moer it all in a bowl and mix with a wooden spoon until it kinda looks like cookie dough.


You Spray & Cook something that resembles a backing tray.


Roll tiny balls and place them on whatever you chose to use as a baking tray.


Take a fork and squish on a pattern. This also flattens to cookie to make them look like cookies.

Bake at 180’ for 10 minutes.

cookie 2

Remove from oven, let it cool (or not) and EAT IT ALL.

If you tried this and loved it as much as I do pop a comment below and tell me.

*the photos are crappy because I was distracted by how good the cookies were. 

The thing with tiny towns.

The thing with tiny towns.

I have always had an interest in history. Local history to be specific. There are so many strange and cool facts about every little town in South Africa (and everywhere really). Most travel pages only tell you about the quaint towns, the artsy ones that have interesting things to offer. Albeit cool, not everyone has the opportunity to visit these remote towns. I plan on telling you about the places that travel magazines never mention. Those on the map your friends joke about needing a passport to visit. The dodgy ones. (Like the one I live in)

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Beach kit

Beach kit


I don’t like going to the beach.


There I said it. I am a Cape Townian.(born in Somerset West) that does not enjoy a day spent at the beach. I think it’s a combination of wind, sand in your face and well everywhere and the whole being in the sun thing. Its just not all that relaxing to me. Its not at all wearing skimpy swim suits in public. With tat I am quite comfortable. I recently spent a day at Sun City’s Valley of the waves walking around  in nothing but the swim suit for hours. I am curvy. Chunky even, but I don’t mind showing it off.


I might not like spending a full day at the beach, but nothing soothes my soul like a walk along the shore. There is just something about an evening walk along crashing waves. Warm hoodie and hair in  a ponytail. That is me.


But because I married a man that does not get sun burnt. ever. And loves the water. I go along and spend some time at the beach with him. Over the last few years I have been adding things to my beach bag to…lighten the blow. if you will. Items that make the wind and sand bearable and makes you comfortable enough to go straight from the beach to a sun downers (in beach road)

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Where do I come from?

Well now there is a complex question. It has so many answers, where do I start? How far back are you referring to? Like do you mean where did I grow up? Or maybe where I was born? Or the “slot a fit in to slot b” part?


Over the long weekend I cleaned up my office cupboards. (Well as clean as they are going to get for now) and found a few old photographs of my family. My dad. I realized I don’t know much about him. To be honest, I can barely remember what he looked like. I have no ties with my dads side of the family. Even though I have actual siblings there. My dad passed away when I was 10 years old.
A while ago I interrogated my mother about her side of the family. Who was who, where did they live, when did they come to South Africa and so forth. Mainly out of interest. Partly because I was hoping I had royal blood or hidden riches somewhere. No such luck for this Euro-mutt. On her side of the family I am mostly Irish and Dutch. With a little British thrown in somewhere. But on my fathers side I have no clue. I know his parents came from Namibia. Does that make me a little Namibian? Or did they hail from Germany?
Oscar is Portuguese. His mother and father were born on the stunning Island of Madeira. This makes him 100% Portuguese. Since I am a mutt and he a thoroughbred our children will be Portuguese. (I am sticking with this theory)

But where do I come from?
I was born in Somerset West in Cape Town. I grew up between Strand, Franshhoek, Bellville and Brackenfell.
I moved to Joburg and it has become home. (Does this mean I can no longer call myself a Capetonian?)
I know where Mum comes from and her parents and their parents.

Does it stop with just calling myself South African?

But I have no clue about my dad. I know his father had a farm on the Orange River. Somewhere near Augrabies in the Northern Cape. I know they farmed with table grapes and cotton. I am sure the property still stands. I need to go find it. For the adventure of it if nothing else. A trip to the Northern Cape is most definitely on the books in the next few months.

Augrabies, Springbok, Poffadder. I want to go look for the Coetzees. Or at least try to. Maybe I won’t find hidden family riches but I am certain I will find interesting places and stories. So let the planning begin 😉


My dad


No idea who they are but my dad had this photo so it must be family. Looks like Nina die bos kind. Also note the VERY creepy legs behind the chair. 


Dad with friends in unknown location. 



I think this might be my grandfather. 



My dad drinking water from one of the dykes that fed water to the cotton plantations. 

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