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Roeks Brewery

Most Sundays we go for a late afternoon drive in search of a bite to eat. This really ends up being a “you choose, no you choose” So we settled on Black Horse Breweries since its a nice drive and not far from where we live. Driving up their road it became apparent we weren’t […]

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Blogging advice. Lately it seems as if everyone is asking everyone advice on how to be a successful blogger. This week I have read 5 articles alone. Is it just me or is there more advice being flung around than actual content? So in true Greenlydia style, I have some advice to dish out of […]

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Chapter 4.

Read Chapter 3 here After prying the paintbrush from the dogs’ death grip, he ran to join Over Protective Dad and the screaming kid. Guess it was their dog after all. I wish my dog cared to go to the park. My dog does nothing but nap and slobber. Talking about slobber, the paint brush […]

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