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2016 in Places

I feel like we say it every year, “this year just flew by”. But in all honesty, it really has. 2016 was one of the toughest years yet and although many things improved, others just went to total shit. I feel like this year more than any other everyone just understands this and feels the […]

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Average Travelers Gift Guide

I am one of those awkward people when it comes to gifts. I LOVE giving people things. I love tiny details in gifts. Giving someone something special or cool makes me ridiculously happy. But whenever I get asked what I would like, I just stand there smiling and then opt out of the awkwardness with “Nothing, […]

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Almost Orange

A hidden gin bar in the middle of an Orange Orchard. YES PLEASE. This spectacular find is the newest addition on the same property as one of my favourite restaurants in Harties, Silver Orange Bistro. I saw a mention of the new Tapas and Gin Bar on their Facebook Page and had to go investigate. I […]

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Cinsaut Evening with Clico Hotel

Wine Menu, one of Johannesburg’s leading boutique wine outlets has created a hunger for exploring different varieties following their successful wine tasting festivals this year which included a Chardonnay and Pinot Noir event held earlier this year and The Unusuals Festival which was held in August. For the month of November, Wine Menu’s Corlien Morris […]

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Why Paris?

It’s the cliche, you have heard it so many times. Ask a woman where she wants to go and the answer is Paris 8 out of 10 times. Yes, I choose Paris too. My obsession is with more than the views, the tower, the wine or the legendary food.

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