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Most Sundays we go for a late afternoon drive in search of a bite to eat. This really ends up being a “you choose, no you choose” So we settled on Black Horse Breweries since its a nice drive and not far from where we live.

Driving up their road it became apparent we weren’t the only ones who wanted a late lunch in the warm winter sun. Cars parked up and down the road. We figured by the time we had we stopped, found a spot to park, walked there and wait to be seated we might die from hunger.

So we carried on driving. We saw a sign for Roeks Brewery and there were 2 cars parked. If 2 groups of people thought it was safe to eat there why not give it a go.

Look, I will be honest. Upon first impressions the place is dodgy. Like place your food and drinks order at the bar, no waiter kind of dodgy. We were hungry and the pizza smelt good so we placed our orders at the bar and when I took the first sip of my beer I knew this place was something different. Peach Brew, oh boy is this stuff delicious. It’s soft and smooth and has a distinct peach aftertaste.

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Fabulous Peach Beer

We grabbed our drinks and found a spot in the sun to enjoy this great find.

Our pizza was fresh and quickly made and SO GOOD. It’s a tick off system and you simply tick the toppings you would like, they prepare it and bring it to your table. The pizza was so good. The crust was crispy and the toppings finely diced.

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Thumbs up for pizza

I highly recommend driving past the busy spots and finding something new. You never know when you might find the best Peach beer you have ever tasted.


You can find them HERE: 

Click on the map and navigate to. 





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