Rochester Castle, consider it licked.

Leg one of our little English trip was in Rochester, Kent. The garden of England. My brother and his wife live in a little town (I think it’s a town) called Wainscott and its pretty awesome. Its super central and easy catch public transport from right in front of their place. This of course meant many a day trip into town to go explore.



Rochester is ye old Englandy. Its little lanes circling a castle and a cathedral. The Medway river cuts the town in half and the High Street has more charity shops than pubs. Rochester was home to Charles Dickens and it and its landmarks are littered all over his books. It’s not difficult to believe that writers still flock here for inspiration.  Pretty sure one of my future badly written novels will be set in the lanes of Rochester.

Oscar and I are lucky enough to have friends who are game to do pretty much anything with us. Even climb 200 steps to the top of a castle on a Sunday morning.

If you are in the region and like good photo ops, I highly suggest spending 6£ and Instagraming this sucker. The castle was built (construction started) in roughly 1088. Can we just focus on how OLD that is? Dang if those walls could talk. (I bet they’d speak grammatically correct English). This castle housed royals and bishops alike and was besieged more times than a single girl has watched The Devil Wears Prada.

It towers over the city and has the most fabulous view of Rochester Cathedral when you reach the top. Tiny spiralling staircases lead you along stone walls all the way to the top. It is truly amazing to think that this structure still stands and still seems alive. Yes its missing floors and ceilings but it is filled with people now as it was 1000 years ago. The gardens stretch quite far and provide the perfect scene for an English summer picnic. (I’m pretty sure Dickens also wrote something about it)

Rochester Castle gets 2 big thumbs up from me.



DSC_0484Us being dramatic. We thought the scene demanded it. 







We licked it. Of course.

Put it on the visit it list.

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