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Spending Christmas with my family means heading to Cape Town over December holidays. For the past 5 years Oscar and I have been driving down from Joburg to Cape Town. We used to dread the drive but in the last few years I like to think we have gotten a bit better at it. We now count down the days till we leave.

The rout through Bloemfontein takes about 13 hours. 13 hours is a long time to spend with someone in a very tiny space. Even if that someone is your best friend.

Here are my top tips for packing for a road trip.

  1. Food – Yes. Pad kos. Pack snacks and energy drinks. Its a long road, and calories do not count when consumed in a car. Pack your favourite goodies in cooler box and when you run out of things to say, eat.
  2. Water – Stay hydrated. Also handy for if you spill anything (Or your car over heats)
  3. Wet Wipes – This should be a staple in your car. If you are going to eat, you are going to need something to clean your hands with. Also great to wipe your face.
  4. A Towel – If you need to splash water on your face or unexpectedly take a swim in a farm dam.
  5. A lighter – you never know.
  6. Good music lined up for when radio fails you in the middle of nowhere.
  7. Paracetamols – headaches on road trips suck, Panados do the trick and do not cause too much drowsiness. (Asprin works too)
  8. A nail file – Ever chipped a nail 200km away from anything? No? Just me then? Okay.
  9. A roll of toilet paper – its just handy.
  10. Phone chargers – portable as well as car chargers.
  11. Camera – Snap things along the way. Great memories are made this way.
  12. Car essentials – Tow rope, Jumper cables, jack, small can of oil (you know, the tools that are already in your car but you forgot they were there)
  13. Mints/gum – 13 hours feel like 33 hours with fury teeth.
  14. Sunscreen – You should be wearing this anyway.
  15. Hair bands/pins – At some point you are going to feel the need to tie up your hair.
  16. Don’t wear make –up – You are in a car, with air-con (hopefully), in the middle of no where. Trust me your skin will thank you. Use the wet wipes to keep yourself feeling fresh.

Make sure you have all the numbers for road side assistance and write them down in your car manual (That should always be in your car) Let friends and family know where you are every now and then. Don’t be that person that makes people worry.

Safe travels.




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