[What my brother calls me]

Know one really knows why. Not even him. But has stuck for 24 years.

I have a small, strange family. They influence not only my life. But my art. Chris [Christiaan] – Oldest brother.  Has lived all over the planet. Teacher. Resides on the queens isle now. [Will probably for the rest of his life too]. He made me certificate for answering my first ever phone call. [ I was 5. Answered my presents home phone] He let me tag along with him & friends. [Even though I am 10 years his junior] He is my hero. The person I always want to phone first.

Nettie [Annette] Sister. 8 years older than me. Cape Town. Teacher. [Specializes in Autism] Incredibly intelligent. [Sells herself short] Married & has 2 kids. 2 boys. She is the tomboy. Maybe that comes with having 2 boys. Never got along. [As sisters do] But have become very close over the past few years due to an unfortunate series of events.

Mom. THE MOST AMAZING person I know. [And will ever know] I could write volumes about her. Raised me alone from the age of 10. [Dad passed away, wish I got to know him more] MOST proper little lady you will ever meet. Raised half the children in the extended family [Cousins] Christian who prays for each of her children everyday. [Religion is a whole other subject] Teacher [I know] Travels the world in her 60’s. Worldly. Wise. Most Forgiving. She is love. Everyone who knows her, loves her. deeply.


[What my Boyfriend. Oscar calls me.]

Live with him in a little house in Joburg. He is a banker [to put it lightly] DIY king. Great cook. Family guy. He is my everyday hero. I think of him and smile. My warm fuzzy side comes from his warm fuzzy heart. [Even after 7 years] Under cover creative. Hates cleaning…ANYTHING. But all is forgiven when he smiles at me or shouts “mew mew mew” from the other room.

Knowing who influences me will make understanding my creative work. From soft and squishy to dark & twisty

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  • Annette July 15, 2013 at 8:20 am

    Really??? Really??? You make us sound almost ‘normal’ Hehehehe

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