Piccolo Mondo dinner dates made easy

Can you remember your last time you went on a first date?

Do you remember the awkward silences? The questions you asked and got “yes” or “no” replies for? We have all been on a date where you are kinda into to the person but you can’t seem to get the conversation to flow. You touched on what you do for a living, the brief “my hobbies include” bit and then you spend 20 minutes looking at the menu, deciding whether you should order a salad and glass of water or just be yourself and order a steak and a glass of wine.

Well, stop freaking out about date number two because I got you covered.

The Piccolo Mondo at the Michael Angelo in Sandton offers the perfect date night solution. (Even for old couples who would like something cool to do together, heck even a girls night or a proper Friend date)

The Piccolo Mondo has launched a brand new wine and food pairing menu. This is how it works, 3 courses perfectly paired with 3 wines. You simply choose your 3 courses from the 3 columns and just like that the hard part of having to work through a 50-page menu is a non-issue. Each dish, starters, mains and desserts have been paired with an accompanying wine to compliment your meal. And what gets the conversation started more than having 3 glasses of wine?

That awkward silence now gets filled with discussing the easy to choose from menu options and the way the wine and food changes when you take a sip, then a bite of the delicious food.

Let’s have a look at the menu and what this cool date will cost you:


PRO TIP: have the Crem Brule, it is their signature dish and gets served on dry ice scented like vanilla. Very trippy and cool.


To book your table call 011 282 7463 or email:



Disclaimer: My meal was complimentary. It was a fabulous evening and highly recommend this as a date night idea.


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  • bymegankelly.co.za

    I want one of these proper friend dates you speak of. Are we not proper friends yet? Where do I sign up for this?

    August 27, 2017 - 9:25 pm Reply

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