My Visit-them list 2013

I work with wine. You would think I go tasting more often but truth is I don’t. Look I have been to more estates than most people but when I do I steal ideas that I can implement at work. I’m not ashamed to say I steal with my eyes. Most people do and when it comes to running a fun and interactive tasting room I run back to our tasting room manager, Elzanne, with everything I find. (She also writes a pretty awesome blog. Klets & Kook. Go check it out.

The two of us have ventured off to a few farms close by for lunch before and Oscar and I go to a few of our favourites every year. But this year I have taken a different approach.  Throughout the year I have been making a “Drink it” list of places I have not yet visited the actual cellar. Some places I have read about and others I have tasted at various events throughout the year.

We will visit each of these in the holiday and I will be writing about some of the hidden gems and even the ones I recommend you give a skip.

Look I am NOT a pretentious wine drinker. In fact, I let the tasting room staff take over and tell me about what I am drinking. (it’s fun when they completely muck it up) I drink what I like. Sometimes I like cheap, sometimes I like expensive. Being in this industry to me it’s all about value for money. If I feel this bottle of wine it worth R200 + I will gladly pay for one to take home to share.



Here goes. The Drink it list for greenlydia 2013.

Remhoogte Wine Estate is 4 km outside the town of Stellenbosch on the R44

I have had their Shiraz and it intrigued me. 2009 I think? I have been reading up on them a bit and it should be an interesting visit.

Sir Lowry’s Pass Road,
Somerset West

The views. I simply must see them and Instagram the shit out of it. I have tasted several of their wines and as far as biodynamic goes I am always pleasantly surprised. I hope to learn a little more about the biodynamic tasting calendar when I visit here.

On the R320 Hemel en Aarde Valley road

I have heard only good things about this estate but alas I have not tasted any of their wines. I happen to work with a distributor who has them on the portfolio too. I have heard wonderful things about them and can’t wait to go visit.


Groenvlei Farm

Annandale road


This one we have driven past a few times and I think it’s time to go in and explore.


For now this is the list I have. Pretty random, but these are the places I would like to see so I am going to drag Oscar and go look them. I will write a proper post on each of the farms as I go along. The YAY GO AND VISIT THERE or the DARN THEY WERE CLOSED.

Do you have a favourite tasting room to visit? Tell me about it in the comments below. Or mail me. I’m easy.







  • cupcakemummy

    That little gif image thing – I laughed SO hard! frigging love cougar town. Would love to live a life like that with friends like those.

    December 9, 2013 - 1:08 pm Reply
  • Samantha

    Just found your blog and I’m really loving it 🙂 thanks for sharing. I’m also in the wine industry and until my liver leave me I will alway love what I do. enjoy adventuring. xx Sam

    April 11, 2014 - 11:26 am Reply
    • greenlydia

      Wonderful what do you in wine ?

      April 11, 2014 - 11:28 am Reply

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