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Travel light, but with the best luggage, you can find.

I have learned to travel with a solid mix of basics and frivolous things. I wish that after 6 years of writing a travel blog I can write stories about how well I pack. How I have perfected the art of not packing things I don’t need and that I found a way for my clothes to reach the other end not creased.

That is not the case. Although I have gotten considerably better at it. Packing is a mundane task but the excitement of knowing you are going somewhere is always exciting. I often travel with two bags only. A large handbag/backpack and one suitcase. But recently I discovered the 3rd bag. the one that makes the difference. My Aranda Weave Fashion Bag.

This locally made bag has changed my packing game completely. It has now become my go to work bag, carry bag, you name it. Aranda Weave is a division of the global company Aranda Textiles.  Aranda produces some of the highest quality blankets in the world. Weave is a wonderful new wing of the business where woven material is being repurposed to create the most striking bags and decor products.

It’s just so different. Like you can FEEL the difference. Aranda Weave is soft and durable and vibrant. I just want everyone to feel it. Touch it and fall in love with it like I have.

The fashion bag is the ideal tote size for a perfect “on the go work bag” I roll up a fashion bag and pop it into my luggage. It rolls up neat and tidy and takes up no space at all. When I get to my destination I now spilt my things-I-need-to-carry-on-me in two. My everyday handbag (from Rowdy) in one and my work (notebooks and laptop, chargers, headphones, notes and often wine) in the other, the Aranda Weave bag.

My Aranda Weave bag is my life safer with work and needing to run from meeting to meeting. I have been using it since September and every time I have it with me in a meeting I get asked where I bought it. Well, here you have it. You can buy yours today for R299. AND IT COMES WITH A FREE MATCHING COSMETICS BAG AND ITS PERFECTION. I also own one of their backpacks for weekend adventures.



Whats it made of?

It is made from a woven process. From working the thread to having giant looms with designs its all one process to produce the highest quality material. I wash mine in the machine on delicate and it dries as good as new. (I tend to wash all my shit after long-haul flights)


These incredible bags are for sale on their site. Click here to see more.







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