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Something for nothing.
Have you ever done something, something good. Something big . Something that you cannot tell anyone about? Because by telling someone it takes away the good in it. Doing something good and telling the world about it is wrong. But this is life changing.

Others whom have done this have been rather vocal about it. But I feel differently. I feel as if I say it out loud it won’t mean as much.
Is it wrong to do something for something for anything in return? Yes, it is but I have had an internal struggle with this for quite some time now. Nothing will or can make me stop from completing this task, but a “thank you” will make even the tiniest bit of doubt I have disappear. No doubt that I am doing the right thing. I know I am. Doubt that who I am doing things for, care.

I think I have finally accepted that sometimes doing something for nothing, it everything.



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