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5 things about me…

  • My favourite song of all time is Slide, by the Goo Goo Dolls


  • I hate pulp in orange juice.


  • I work in wine but I tend to order myself a good beer when we go out.


  • Nothing makes me happier than seeing my people happy, safe and healthy.


  • Today I resigned.


I have been with this farm for so many years it all blurs together a bit. I have laughed, learned, cried, got married and gotten very tipsy between those vines.


This photo was taken 2 years before I started working for Beau Joubert. I stood there and told myself I will work for this farm. I will make it happen. It was my dream job. My dream farm.  Two years later I walked into the cellar with a hopeful heart and I left with a signed contract.

But new things await and I cannot be more excited. I am proud of myself and I don’t think I ever have been.


But for now, listen to Slide order a beer and I’ll tell you all about the new adventure soon.





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