Lesser known facts about me.

In an attempt to for you to get to know me better, I decided it was time for an “about me” post. But since there is a button for that about this post I figured I’d tell you lesser known things about the Lydia in Greenlydia.

I am nosy and tend to read other peoples posts like this but I also find them kinda…borning. humans are funny things and we will look for faults in others to make ourselves feel a little about ourselves even when we don’t mean to. We compare and we rate each other. We are so so nosy we watch video after video of insta stories then discuss it amongst other with the same view as you.

But I have decided I want you to be more nosy. I want you to want to be interested in the stories I tell. That’s why we blog, after all, isn’t it?

Here goes, 20 lesser known things about me.


  1. I have my mothers middle name. Estelle. I actually like it very much and am proud to have a bit of her in my name.


  1. I actually have 4 siblings. (2 half) one of whom I have never met. They are 20 and 21 years older than me. I know nothing about them. For years it made me sad. Then I realised family doesn’t have to be blood.
  1. I got my job thanks to a bitchy tweet, then having the courage to investigate. A woman answered and I knew that day (6 months before I took the job) that her dream was the one I needed to work on.


  1. I am a serial lover. I love easily and deeply and consequently get hurt far too often that I would like to admit.


  1. I am 1.66m tall. For years I thought I was tall. Turns out I just had short friends.


  1. I will choose fudge over chocolate any day of the week.


  1. My family owns a shop. One of my favourite things to do is to drive out to the store and price things. (With the clicky gun) I like to let the strip get as long as possible before I take it off. I love doing this so much.


  1. Distance saved my life. Sometimes it’s okay to have no plan and just move. I did this when I was 18.


  1. I am a really really good sales person. But hate selling and hate showing the skill to anyone because I am scared it’s what I will get stuck doing for the rest of my life.


  1. I own many, many nail polishes. But always end up painting my fingernails a light/almost transparent pink and my toes a deep red because I hate the way chipped nail polish looks.


  1. I don’t like Spas. I don’t like being touched. I feel only beautiful woman enjoy this.


  1. I do not have self-esteem issues but I do not think of myself as beautiful and I am really okay with this.


  1. I like telling other people how beautiful they are to me. Even strangers.


  1. Sometimes I just sit on my front steps and drink coffee. My greatest house dream is to have a stoep.


  1. I love music so much sometimes I get upset that others don’t. I listen to lyrics and well-written music and I day dream that I am the person a beautiful song is written about. I fantasize about words written about me so beautifully strung together by the perfect melody. Sometimes all I want is for someone to get it and send me a song.


  1. I strongly dislike hot food. But will eat anything you put in front of me. (Except oats, it’s just gross)


  1. I dream of seeing places in the world that I know I will never be able to see. No matter how much money I make.


  1. I have never seen a Rocky movie.


  1. I am a living organ donor and something that grew in me for 28 years now belongs to someone else.


  1. I once jumped off of a bridge into a river. It was a 9m jump.

The 300km dirt road wrong turn to Sutherland

The view from a secret cliff at Adams Calander in Mpumalanga

The view from the Eye of Africa. Joburg.

Chasing rainbows in Clarens

Pretending stockings were a good idea on London Bridge.

Putting my toes in the water in PE (at 9pm because there was nothing else to do)




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