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Stop trying to fight the hype and just go to Clarens. It is every bit as beautiful as every other blog post tells you it is.

We recently decided to finally go an explore this place that literally everyone raves about. if you live in Joburg, at least 3 of your friends have told you to drive out to Clarens. It is that popular, and I get it now. It really REALLY is that great of an escape. But not for the reasons everyone else lists. Hear me out.


We booked using the very easy site AccommoDirect . Super simple. You punch in where you want to go and when you want to stay there and BOOM, options. It provides from very budget friendly to really uppish and luxe options. I would definitely recommend giving them a try for your next trip.


The town is very quaint. The main little hub has a square patch of grass/park in the centre and its green and lush and lovely. Little deli’s, cafes, the famous brewery and quirky stores frame the little park and it’s all less than a 2 minute walk from each other. All the accommodation is just outside this little square and should you be less lazy than us you can very easily walk to town and enjoy what it has to offer.

We spent a few hours wandering through town. We did the obligatory beer tasting (It’s worth it, go have a pint), meandered through the weird little stores. We found a lovely book store with beautiful first additions of a few classics for sale. The town isn’t really the kind of place that makes you want to buy little trinkets. It’s just a nice place to sit and look at.  Just sit and look. Pretty stone buildings and people from all over. Its calming.

But to I lost my heart when we decided to drive out to Golden Gate National Park. Roughly a 15 minute drive from the town. We stopped at one of the cute little deli’s, bought everything that clogs arteries and hopped in the car not knowing what awaited us just around the corner.

The lush green landscape tares open to reveal red and black woven mountains. The red tinted rocks look almost bright yellow in the sunlight but turn black when water rushes over it. How lucky are we that we caught it on a rainy day.

The park is free to entre and the roads split off into detour loops. We chose one at random and instantly fell in love with the wide open green space. We found a hill, reversed the Land Rover to face the view and spent hours sitting in the back of our car eating snacks looking at the antelope in the distance, watching the rain form spontaneous waterfalls and just enjoyed the quiet.

This is where I fell in love with Clarens.

So go to Clarens. Just go. Walk through the town and enjoy the vibe. Then get in your car and go see this spectacular part of the country. I promise you will come home feeling relaxed.











Disclaimer: Accomodaion was subsidised by Accomodation Direct. I only use and promote what I plan on using again and they are damn cool. 



  • Debbie

    My husband and I have been umming and aahing over where to spend a quick weekend with 2 kids. And you sold me on Clarens! We’ve been before, well had lunch and carried on driving but it def sounds like the spot for us!

    June 8, 2017 - 8:43 am Reply
    • greenlydia

      Oh I couldn’t be happier to hear this. It is SUCH a stay worthy little town. Have the BEST time 🙂

      June 8, 2017 - 9:13 am Reply

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