" The average traveller "

I used to think it was a popularity contest.

For many years, I sniggered at those bloggers asking for votes to win a competition. Especially the ones where you enter yourself and ask members of the public to vote. 

I was surrounded by people who didn’t like competitions, who campaigned against them. The longest time I thought they had a point. Asking for votes doesn’t mean anyone read your work, or even look at your photos. It was (and really is) still a case of those who have the most friends or followers who snag up the prizes. In my ears were being whispered tales of just how vapid this is. 

Well, fuck that. 

Blogging is vain, in its essence you are writing for an audience you seek validation from. Don’t tell me otherwise because our blogs would have been diaries with little locks on them if we didn’t want the world to read it. 

This year I have learned that it’s ok to be vain. It’s ok to want to win. In fact, I think I have a real lust for winning. I also learned that asking for help isn’t the end of the world. I want to have the confidence to push myself to the front of the queue. I want to have the persistence to carry on even when I don’t win anything. This year I have come to terms that, for me anyway, not trying is far worse than failing.

So here goes, but before I ask for your vote I would like to be honest with you. I have seen so many people stating that they were nominated for this award. I am sure this is the case with some of them, but I would like to stand up and tell you I nominated myself this year. 

I got the mass mailer, I filled out the details and I installed the button you see on the right side of the screen. 

Now I am taking the next step and asking for you to vote. It doesn’t take 3 seconds like other tell their followers. Sure its fast, but it’s still a two step process. You click the link, fill out your mail and then click the link in the confirmation email to validate the vote. 

This is effort. But it would mean the world to me if you make a little effort for me. I don’t particularly ask for things from others. But my year could really use a win. 



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