I got lost in Germany…repeatedly

So I drew the lucky straw to attend Prowein this year. (HUGE wine-trade show in Düsseldorf, Germany held March of every year) WHOOOHOOOOOO another stamp in my passport and a tick on my map.



Look at my travel map here.

Sadly the show fell exactly over Oscar’s 30th Birthday and I had to leave the day before I could give him a happy happy kiss. (But I had an UBER special birthday surprise. But more on this later)

I flew with Lufthansa. They were fine, the food was fine, your average long haul flight really. I had a shitty seat though. In the middle row, in the middle seat. POOP. To my left sat a German man who slept from the second they said tray tables up to the moment they said it again. He snored. Loudly. To my right was an Austrian man who does construction work in Mozambique and he had a tiny issue with his little reading light. He did not know how to put it off. No matter how many times I showed him to just press the little button he simply kept saying its the other dudes light. That thing was so bright if pointed up it could have been the Bat Signal.

Got to Frankfort and got on to a connecting flight to Düsseldorf. Just over an hour’s flight away. Düsseldorf was different that Google lead me to believe. It was greener and older. More story book like. Daffodils  grow like weeds everywhere.  Everything is really green (This is their REALLY cold Spring time.)


Strange semi raw bacon with mustard.



Daffodils EVERYWHERE. 


Old Town.


Tiny Nutella served with breakfast.



Yes. Its an odd bush. 


Frankfort, looking for my gate.


It was cold ok. 


And the all go marching on. 


The strangest most fascinating building.


Translates to “kak en betaal” 





Ran into these lovely people again. 


It has a restaurant at the top. Cool ne. 


It reflected the sunset. 


View from hotel room.


Bier Haus


I’m fat. Shut up. (cream filled OMG)


On my walk with my toothpaste. 


Some more of Old Town. 


Beautiful little park in the middle of the city. 


More drunk architecture. 




It was crispy.




Hey look who it is again.


Argentinian Steak. SO GOOD. 


Aren’t you guys tired yet?


Sunset on the Rhine.


Nap time view. 


Shiny airports.



Old Town once more. 


After a few wrong trains I found my way back to the airport and did the woos thing and took a taxi to the Hotel. Mercure Hotel Hafen. Great little place, easy to get to via public transport…once you know how.

After the 14 hour commute I freshened up and went for a walk to buy tooth paste and shampoo.

Funny thing about little cafe’s. They don’t give bags. I found a tiny store, of course I bought a whole bunch of foreign foods for the fun of it. As well as the toothpaste and shampoo I had come for.  I went to till, asked for a bag and got a loud “NEIN” so I walked home. With my toothpaste in one hand and yogurt in the other.

That evening beer was drunk and strange raw bacon on really hard bread was eaten.

There was an interesting march happening in the city the next morning. A nation (who does not have a country, I forgot their name) was protesting to free a political prisoner. There was loud middle-eastern chanting and speeches and people with flags.

It was interesting. And strange.

Altstadt is a suburb in Düsseldorf that literally means “old Town” . It’s the little party/shopping hub of the city. Cobble stone walkways and quirky places to drink beer.

Seeing I went for work I only had a day and half to do the sightseeing thing. But here are some of my Germany travel tips

  • Dress warm (in March anyway)
  • Public transport makes NO sense, then it makes PERFECT sense. Just get lost a few times. Don’t be scared to go figure out how it works.
  • Travel light. You never know when you need to run to a gate.
  • Germany isn’t that “old”. The buildings look old, but Germany was pretty much flattened in the War and the rebuilds were simply built to look old. Most buildings are only 50/60 years old. (like the churches)
  • It’s safe there.  Don’t be all SA and clutch your bags on the trains. I’m not saying leave things lying around. Just relax a bit.
  • Locals MUST speak English to you FIRST. Otherwise your screwed and they simply don’t give a shit.
  • Don’t expect to see or hear English. EVERYTHING is in German. From street signs to sitcoms.
  • Drink coffee without milk. The way they serve it.
  • Have a big warm coat that goes over your outfit. Inside it’s a comfy 20’C. Big coats are easy to slip off inside and just hang up.
  • Drink beer. Even if you don’t like it. You are in Germany, just drink beer already.
  • Eat the food. Try new things you can’t pronounce.
  • Take photos but don’t live your trip through a lens.



My quick round up of a very quick little trip. Where are you travelling to next?

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