I am jealous.

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When I flip through my twitter, Instagram and Facebook and see photos of exotic travels, this Average Traveler gets excited.

I am a large fan of living vicariously through others and following their adventures along one post or photo at a time. I love reading about others travels. It inspires me to go find my own. But nothing grinds my nipples quite as much as watching people travel the globe on someone else’s account.

Let me explain. I am not talking about sponsored trips. The writes whom qualify for this worked their behinds off to build a brand worthy of sending on adventures. I aspire to this. (Who am I kidding. I say kak far too much for someone to want to use me)

I am not talking about paid content. Again these writers worked damn hard to get their and even when snapping holiday looking photos I guarantee you these writers return to their rooms and work on content plans.

I am talking about those who deem themselves travel writers when they travel on others expense. Whether its mom and dad paying or you got lucky with a partner who likes to whisk you away.

I will be honest and tell you that I roll my eyes at them. And yes. I am ashamed that I do.

The truth is simple, I am jealous.

I am jealous that you get to see all these places.
I am jealous of the fun you have.
I am jealous of the beautiful photos you take.
I am jealous of the cool content you are creating.
I am jealous you can afford room service.
I am jealous that you get to see places I dream about.
I am jealous that you seem to get things that you did not work for.
I am jealous that it looks like you can up and leave any time you please.
I am jealous that because of all this your blog does better than mine. (So petty, I know)

I am jealous.

But I am thankful that when I get to do all the things you post about, and I will do them, it might just take me longer, I will enjoy them so much more knowing I worked for it. I will smile and remember your photos and probably go take bad ones of the same things you saw.

I am sorry for rolling my eyes and envying your travels. But if I didn’t care what kind of travellet would I be.

Just do all of us following your trip a favour. Every now and then, be grateful that you get to do something others can only dream of. You are fortunate.


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  • bymegankelly.co.za

    I raise my glass to you! Also, your content is relatable, my dear, that is what makes you so different. It is hard not to be jealous BUT you will take ridiculous photos of Os licking your face and special polaroids that only your kids will ever see and it will be your adventure to treasure for lifetimes to come. I look forward to that content because I know then that those travels are attainable. PLUS, if you’re going on an exotic holiday every second month, they will eventually just mesh into one and you’d take the beauty for granted.

    June 12, 2016 - 7:44 pm Reply

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