Hiking in Augrabies

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First things first, I am not fit. Fit and I just don’t get along. I want to like fit but we have the fake smile and awkward small talk kind of relationship, you know? But when our friends suggested a hike I was all over it. Perhaps a little too enthusiastic as I insisted we do the longer 7km one, rather than the sort 1.5km one.

The two brothers are super fit as is their 68-year mum who joined us on the hike. I kid you not, if she didn’t stop to take photos of flowers along the way I would have died right there on the edge of that cliff.

We took the Dassie Hiking Route

Dassie Hike


yellow pinThe Dassie Hike starts at the rest camp (Where we were camping) and starts off as an easy walk over the giant granite slabs. The route winds along the canyon and after about 20minutes you reach the first viewpoint.

red pinTwin Falls (Tweelingvalle), wow. Just wow. Theses falls are lesser known than Augrabies Falls but I almost want to say they are cooler? Maybe because you had to take a bit of a walk to get there. Perhaps because they are a little more untouched.



Twin falls

green pinThe next bit of the hike makes you want to hug the ground. As you follow the river from Twin Falls it meets up with the Orange River and right where they meet you find yourself at Arrow Point. (The header photo was taken and just above my head you can see the actual “arrow point”. Let me tell you, it’s a sheer drop to either side and watching your husband friends hang over the edge to get the perfect photo gives you tiny little panic attacks at you watch from a seated position at a safe distance. (The header photo was a “QUICK TAKE IT BEFORE I DIE” moment than I scooted back to safety on my butt.)

Arrow point


Blue pinAt this point, when you have taken ALL the photos, you turn away from the river and the real hike kind of starts. A certain level of fitness is needed as from this point on there are boulders to climb and little bits of the river you need to jump over to cross. But let me reassure you. If I can do this, anyone can. There is one section that you need to cross a little ravine by jumping from one boulder to the next, completely doable but I was very close to saying “Kiff guys, you enjoy, I am turning around here” But we all made it across. The views were worth every boulder climbed. Moonrock is a giant hill of solid granite. I found a spot in the only bit of shade the rock had to offer and enjoyed the view. This place really and truly stole my heart.

The walk back to rest camp was easy and lovely as most it was in the shade. A welcome change at this point.


1.) TAKE WATER. if you can pop 2 bottles in your backpack do it.

2.) WEAR SUNSCREEN. Really, Baz Luhrmann told you to trust him, on the sunscreen ages ago. Just wear it.

3.) TELL SOMEONE where you are going. When it comes to it, do you have it in you to cut off your own arm?

4.) WEAR A HAT. Who cares if it makes you look odd, the sun doesn’t care what you look like with a hat on.

5.) WEAR SUNGLASSES Shit gets bright. Protect your eyes.

Now go forth and have a fantastic time on your hike.




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