Go to England and don’t plan a thing.

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Trust me on this. This is the best holiday you will have.

Okay, plan the basics, where you stay where and when and with who. But don’t plan an itinerary. Seriously, don’t even plan you what you would like to see. Just go with it and I promise you will see SO much more than you bargained for.

This time around circumstances left us with little time to plan and frankly I was very happy about that. I hate having to follow someone’s schedule. This is a holiday, not a school trip.

Our home-base was with our incredible friends who live in Crawley, just outside of London. We also made a stop in central London to visit a cousin, out to Bath to see my In-Laws and on to Rochester to have a coffee with my big brother. And all the little places in between.

I cannot wait to tell you about all the things we saw, ate, licked and learnt along the way.

Here are a few of my favourite snaps. From Brighton to Bath and back.


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