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For the past few months my sister has been volunteering her Saturday mornings at an animal shelter. I never thought much of it other than being annoyed that we had to wait for her to get back before we can go out and enjoy our Saturday outing.

This was until a few weeks ago. It was a rough week and I had absolutely no intentions of getting up early. But my sister does not take no for an answer and I was up and dressed by 7:30am. (She did make me coffee to wake me up)

We drove out towards the Cape Town and turned off on to the N7, 20km before Malmesbury we turned right into an open plot of land and I immediately understood why my sister offers up her Saturdays for this.


Lucky Lucy Foundation.

They are an animal shelter unlike any you have ever seen. From rescued fighting Pitbuls to abandoned kittens and pups find a happy, safe and good home here. There are in excess of 100 dogs and if I were to guess I would say roughly 100 cats too.

The regular volunteers know each and every dog and cats names.

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Unlike SPCA’s the animals are not kept in pens or cages but rather large and comfortable camps. Each dog camp has between 3 and 7 dogs in them and they get group together according to their personalities. There is a camp called “Mellow Yellow” and these dogs are so calm and relaxed. There is also a pack called Main Pack, well this one you can guess why.

Each camp has a name, a theme, and enough dog houses for each dog, a patch of grass, sand, shade covering and hay bales for heat in the winter.  Lucky Lucy sterilizes all animals before they put in camps. (When you adopt an animal it has all its injections and you get the full medical history)

NO animals are put down just because they are old or not getting adopted. As long as they are healthy they live long and happy lives in the “Retirement Village”.

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On Saturday morning’s volunteers walk the dogs. First the rehab dogs get walked. One at a time as they are not yet ready to be walked with other dogs. Then the camps. Even if only 5 volunteers show up in the rain and cold they don’t stop and until every last animal has been walked and played with.


No animal gets left behind. There are some dogs that come from places where they were beaten with things like chains, hence being afraid of walking. This is no problem for the LLF volunteers. There was one pup that was so afraid of going for a walk that he would just freeze up and hide. The walkers felt sorry for him being left behind and have now organised  a stroller to put him in to walk him with his pack. Yes, a dog in a stroller. Doesn’t it just melt your heart?




Once you are done walking you can go sit in the cattery and get all the purs and head-boops you want.

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This amazing place needs help.

It costs insane money to give these animals the home they deserve. Besides for financial help there are other ways you can help.

  • Come walk dogs on Saturday mornings.

Be there by 8am (I know it sounds early but it’s so worth it)

  • Sponsor an animal for R50 per month. CLICK HERE for more info.

This will go towards health care and food.

  • Get your office involved and sponsor a camp.
  • The workers (whom live on the property and take care of the animals everyday) need some winter overalls, gloves and maybe some beanies. It’s really cold out there guys and these workers take amazing care of the animals. Come rain, come wind, they put the animals first.


Get involved guys. Go like them on Facebook and just maybe you know some one who is looking to adopt a pet.




  • Nalanie de Villiers

    Hi Lydia

    Baie dankie vir ‘n hartroerende beskrywing van wat ons daar by LLF probeer doen. Ons almal is daar omdat ons so lief vir al die diere kinders is en net die beste vir hulle wil hê.

    Hoop om jou gou weer te sien.


    June 17, 2015 - 11:28 am Reply
    • Adele

      Thanks Lydia, you wrote our volunteering so well. The best therapy you can get is to volunteer and help the animals. You also get to meet fantastic people.

      June 17, 2015 - 4:54 pm Reply
  • Karen

    HI Lydia, I am also one of the regular volunteers at LLf for the last three years. This place is my haven and never ever once have they disappointed any animal. Always doing their best and giving their all. What an honor to part of this family. I love each of my LLF colleagues and all the dogs and specially the rehab dogs with all my heart and soul.

    June 18, 2015 - 10:25 am Reply
  • yolanda

    Dis werklik mooi geskryf. Ons is Sondag volenteers want Billy werk meeste Saterdae. Ons kan ni wag vit Sondag oggende om by LLF te kom nie.

    June 18, 2015 - 10:50 am Reply

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