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A while ago I asked my family a bunch of questions about their travels and I have been getting some of the coolest stories from them. Today’s post is the answers of my cousins’ husband. Stephen Harper.

Where were you born?

Wolverhampton, England, United Kingdom.

Where did you grow up?

Wolverhampton, England, United Kingdom.

Where do you currently live?

Birmingham, England, United Kingdom.

What has been your favourite travel destination and why?

OK, this is a tricky one.. I could tell you about travelling to Preah Vihear in northern Cambodia.  At the time it was under dispute between Cambodia and Thailand and the two armies were having a stand-off on either side of it. I hired a private guide and made the days journey on dirt roads to get there.  We hung out with the Cambodian army who gave us a guarded tour of the temple complex and even let me hold their AK47s!!  On the way home we had snake soup!

The other option is my journey through Tibet, to Mt Everest Base camp and on to the Potala Palace in Lhasa.  That was the time when I forgot to take a coat… top tip: when going up Mt Everest you should always take a coat.

But to be honest my most memorable trip HAS to be travelling with Nick and Lynne from Nairobi to Korr, arriving in Korr after sunset and being woken before sunrise by a Rendile and taken to a tribal village to be prepared for our tribal wedding!!  Nick and Lynne are serious road trippers!

3 MUST have travel essentials?


Translations of “can I take your photo?”  In different languages


Bonus: Drone (a new one but essential already)


Tiny Stephen

Stephen and Renee in Kenya.


Stephen and his rifle.

* All photos were taken by Stephen Harper, he is an incredible photographer. Go follow him on Instagram to see more @Stephendharper. Also have a look at his website, 

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