Escape to Augrabies

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You know when you were in school and adults used to tell you they wished they were still in school and you thought they were out of their minds to want to be a kid again? The last few months I have become that bitter adult wishing I was back in school. Things got heavy and just like that spaghetti bridge you had to build in Grade 8, it only took one tiny bit of weight added for everything to snap and fall to the floor.

Everything came tumbling down on me last week and we got in the car and ended up meeting up with friends who went on a rowing trip on the Orange River. We met in Augrabies. The smallest little town that I had on my list of places I wanted to visit this year. 

I knew I wanted to see it, but I didn’t think I would fall in love.

Augrabies is roughly an 8-hour drive from Joburg and we took it slow, winding through the tiny towns on the route. Other than the social nests hanging from the telephone poles there isn’t a whole lot to see. But it was kind of what we needed. We listened to RSG and cry-laugh at the callers who greet their whole towns when they get through.

We spoke for hours and listened to loads of great music.

We got to Augrabies National Park around 4pm. We camped with no power and let me tell you, warm as the days are as cold do the nights drop. But the spectacular stars and sleeping while hearing the waterfall in the distance makes up for the fact that you need to put on 2 pairs of socks to keep your feet semi warm.

Over the next 4 posts I will be telling you a little more about our short camping trip. What to pack and what to leave at home, recommended hikes and tips for photos (without worrying about a super expensive camera falling down a ravine)

For now, have a look at how beautiful this place is.

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