Dear 2017

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Dear 2017 please be better.

2016 was rich in lessons, but lacked kindness.

2017 please bring something better. Less heart ache. Less goodbyes. Fewer failures and for goodness sake bring more gin. I would really appreciate a big win (of any kind) maybe even a little bit more sleep. A little less tears. Maybe hold back on the anxiety, that would go a long way.

Please be kinder to my people.

In the past year I witnessed someone have a great year and great health. I also witnessed a Mother burying a child. A wife loosing a husband and children loosing siblings. Please bring a better days for my people.

Please be kinder to my animals.

I would love for my neighbours to stop threatening to kill my cats.

Please be kinder to the humanity. 2016 threw enough curve balls at us to last for at least another year.

Please be kinder to my wallet.

I would love to have to stop replacing electronics due to them being fried by lightning. It gets expensive.

Lastly, 2017, please take it just a little easier on me. 2016 was without a doubt the toughest to navigate through for a multitude of reasons. I would really enjoy being able to sleep like I used to. The thought of possibly being less anxious would be the best gift yet. If there is a chance of less sadness I would really appreciate it. Throw in some good music and more wine and I am sure it will be better already.

Dear 2017, I would like to be better.



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