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Cultural Sunday

We’ve all felt it. The Sunday lazy. The fall-on-the-couch-and-binge-bad-tv feeling.

2019 already feels like its been 8 years long and we have barely cracked the halfway mark of the second month. The last few months have hard. all kinds of hard. Including the old cliche “life is short” kind of hard.

This isn’t People of New York and my stories aren’t inspiring, nor will it move you to tears. No amount of reading about it will help you understand what it feels like to say “life is short” and understand it until you see it. Until you have to live it. Or until the living stops right there, in front of you.

Over the last few months I have learnt that although the couch potato life is appealing after a long week of work, it doesn’t add to my life. I can be a couch slob on Saturday evenings. Surrounded by snacks I can Netflix my heart out while I paint my nails.

But Sundays, Sundays have become adventure days.

You see the “life is short” thing IS true and when it does run out I don’t want to leave behind any memories of sleeping and farting on the couch. I want my people to remember the weird stories. That accidental art exhibition opening I dragged everyone to. The weekend spent in Clarens where we sat in a hot tub for hours. The time we went on a drive and ended up off roading an epic road in the middle of nowhere. That sunset photo I made everyone chase. I want those memories to win. In my attempt to outweigh the couch days I have deemed Sundays, “Cultural Sunday”.

I have done some research and made a list of things to see and do in and around Joburg on Sundays. Things that I hope will be interesting. Strange tours and going to see old iconic buildings and museums. Things that envoke thought, that start stories like “this one time we accidentally went to a Buddhist temple ON Chinese new year”. I have decided that Sundays are for exploring. No need to go far. If you just look into it there are so many things even just around the corner to see or do.

I have contemplated creating a master list of Cultural Sundays. I just might. Perhaps I’ll highlight the best ones.

If you lack a little adventure, get in your car and go find it. You are only ever one dirt road away from a great story.



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