Crap. Guess I will have bad luck for THE REST OF MY LIFE.

I am marrying a Portuguese man (and his family). Over the past 7ish years I have gotten to know (and love) most of the customs & food. But this is just down right stupid. Over the weekend I was talking to a friend (She is half Portuguese married to a Portuguese dude, she might be half but her Portuguese is better than anyone I know.) She shared some wisdom with me. For shits and giggles she sent me a list of “superstitions” the Portuguese believe in.


I went through the list and I am pretty much screwed.



A person should not marry another person whose name starts with the same letter.

Ok I’m safe with this one.
Do not remove your engagement ring until the day of the wedding for good luck.

As I am typing this, I am not wearing it. Seriously who NEVER takes it off? I never sleep with mine for the fear of losing an eye.
You shall not see an open field on the day of the wedding.

Ya, um our venue options are all farms. Besides what’s up with this one? No open fields in case I want to go frolicking and ruin my dress?

If you cry on the day of your wedding, that’s a good sign, because those will be the last tears of your marriage.

THE PRESSURE! But I cry for everything. Should be good on this one.
Do not drop the rings during the ceremony for it brings bad luck.

Why? WHY is it so bad to drop things? I am the clumsiest person alive. If you tell me not to drop it I probably will.
Avoid weddings on a Saturday, supposedly it is the least happy day.

 Look ne, Saturdays are my HAPPY days so this one goes out the window too.
If a younger sibling marries before the first, the eldest shall dance barefoot on the sibling’s wedding; otherwise, they won’t find a partner.

SIBLINGS, you guys are safe. I am the youngest.
It brings good luck to marry on the day of the week  your partner was born, or on their birthday.

Birthday weddings are a cop out. Having my birthday on top of Christmas is bad enough.
If you will be wearing a dress you cannot make it or help it be made.

Does designing it count as helping?
Borrowing a dress means good luck for the one wearing it, bad luck for the one lending it.

Ok so if this is the case, borrow a dress from someone you don’t like.
The bridesmaid role is to confuse the evil spirits so that they may not know who is the bride.

That’s right girls. Take one for the team.
Do not wear pearls on the day of your wedding as for every pearl there will be a tear of sorrow.

Oh well no pearl necklaces for the wedding day I guess…. (Yes, dirty joke)
The veil helps protects you from the evil spirits.

What if I only want a little birdcage one?
If you rip your dress on the day of your wedding that means that the wedding will end in death, so try to avoid that at all costs.

…Don’t all weddings end in death?
It’s considered good luck if you find a spider on your wedding clothes.

Yeah. Id be cool with that

The vows have to be said before 6 PM.

But after 6pm is still before 6pm somewhere in the world.
The single people invited should get a slice of the cake and they should put it under their pillow for the night so that they can dream of their future beloved. 

This is disgusting. Under no circumstances should one EVER sleep with cake under your pillow.
On the night of the wedding, the first one to fall asleep will be the first one to die.

 Hope it’s me. Life without him would suck. And I am guessing it’s a super tiring day.


Strange customs aside. I am marrying my best friend in the whole world. I look forward to adopting his customs and ways for our day. Just not these customs LOL.




  • annette

    Whahaha I like some of those!!!!

    January 20, 2014 - 4:03 pm Reply
    • greenlydia

      Hahaha person with the sane first letter. Hahahaha

      January 20, 2014 - 4:08 pm Reply
  • lisa

    Bwhahahaahaha!!! I literally laughed out loud at the cake under the pillow! That’s seriously gross! Most of these are just outright ridiculous and as a Portuguese girl, I have not heard of most of them! I think you’re safe 😉

    January 20, 2014 - 7:05 pm Reply
    • greenlydia

      Dude who would ever do that?? its so strange.

      January 21, 2014 - 6:24 am Reply
  • Colleen

    Hahaha!! Cake under my pillow?? Hmm not even when I’m binge eating while on diet! Hilarious!

    January 21, 2014 - 4:16 am Reply

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