Cheese Heaven.

Not too far from Bath in Summer Set England, is a strange little place called Wookey Hole. The hole is cave. Quite an intricate cave system actually. Dating back to Celts. They used it as a burial chamber. The rumour has it that a witch from the little town of Wookey used to lore young men up there, once one tried to attack her and she lost the around in the dark caves and turned to stone.

It’s a strange little place, if you are a family travelling the kids will dig it. It has an old school “fun fair” with a mirror maze and really old creepy fair arcade games. (Circa 1910)

Wookey was owned by one wealthy family. As most little English towns. This family had a paper mil. (the mill still operates) and used to (and still does) make some of the best quality paper in the UK. They make paper of such quality it carries the royal watermark and is used for official royal documents. This paper last up to 20 times longer than normal paper.

The caves themselves are spectacular. It is about a 30min tour and you go through 5 chambers.  The last chamber has an amazing light and music display. It is worth the ducking and cramped little entryways.

On your way out you will notice cheese being kept in locked corridors. Yes. Cheese. Giant cheese wheels moulding away. If you hop in your car and drive a further 20minutes down the country lanes you will find out why.

Cheddar. The little-lost-in-time town of Cheddar. And you guessed it.  Real cheddar, comes from Cheddar. They sadly cannot claim the rights to the name anyone as it has become very easy to produce the cheese all over the world. But the real stuff has been moulding, maturing in the damp, cold caves of Cheddar Gorge.

You can sample the most amazing cheeses from the artisan cheese shops in the town. The town is building a cable way up the gorge and I can imagine it will be breathtaking when done.

While you are sampling some real cheddar, be sure to taste some warm apple cider. It you close your nose and swallow the feet smell won’t put you off. The county is famous for its ciders so be sure some.

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