Chapter 22.

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Work has been busy today. Nonstop phone calls from clients. So many reviews written. After that message from Mark I didn’t know how I would be able to work today. Every couple of minutes I pretend to be working on my phone just to read it again.

Iris, I like you. I liked you even before you flashed me at your desk that day. Let me take you on a real date.

Yeah ok, I like Mark. Besides Michael he is the only one around the office that laughs at my shit jokes. And so what if he happens to be a bit of a dish. Anyway, he hasn’t been in office the whole day. As far as I have casually snooped, he is at the printers today for one of his clients. His eyes bring out the writer in me. I can’t wait till he comes back. Oh my word I have turned into a teenager dripping with puppy love. Enough I am better than this. I am cooler. Much cooler. I glance at my watch and realize it’s almost lunch time. I have been daydreaming and working so hard I haven’t eaten today. 4 cups of old coldish cafeteria coffee doesn’t count.

I decided my life needs some carbs. Some good carbs. I dial up Papa’s and Noah picks up.

Me: Hi Noah, its Iris.

Noah:  Yeah Yeah I know. (He says in a jokingly annoyed tone.)

Me: Fine, I’ll take my order elsewhere if you don’t want it.

Noah:  Fine, if that’s what you want go right ahead. I dare you to find bread this good anywhere else.

Me: Well…you got me there.

Noah: hahaha. Come now Iris. What do you want for lunch?

Me: The usual please, Ciabata with avo and tomato and that other thingy you always put on it.

Noah: You mean Blue Cheese. I got you Iris. (I can hear him smiling). I might be able to steal a few peanut-butter cookies for you.

Me: Oh those ones you brought me a while ago? They were awesome. Yes please.

Noah: Done, at the office.

Me: You know it. See you in a few.

Michael has been pacing in front of my desk ever since he got that text earlier. What is it with this man. He must be getting some somewhere. Possibly big-boobs-Pam.

I haven’t really gotten to any of my emails today. I should really reply to Winter…after one more cup of crap coffee while I wait for my lunch order.

To: Winter

From: Iris

RE RE: Yay us

Hi there darling Winter.

Business first.  Have you given the cover any thought? We will need to submit it to the printers soon for them to print proofs for you. Can you believe we have made it all this way? I would like to have a pond or body of water on the cover. With the duck and cat of course. I Think your water colour and Ink style would work perfectly here. Hey, look. Please let me if you feel a different style or approach will work for this. I trust your opinion.

Oh my gosh, Mark, is copier guy. Oh Winter, he makes me break out in verse and haiku’s. He is a chunk of man. Tall. Like Zoro. Dark and exotic looking. Everything about this man makes me feel like I just sank into a warm bubble bath. I feel like I am telling my high school BFF all about my crush.

I am starving. I ordered lunch but its taking forever. I am gonna go dig in the office kitchen for something to masticate on.

Speak soon.


Seriously, were the hell is Noah? Churning the butter himself. I in a daze of hunger I text Mark back. (16 hours later because ladies make ‘em wait)

Date? Yeah ok. I’d be keen.

How is that for a cool message? Nailed it. Or did I? Great. Did I just screw this up? What if he thinks I am not interested? Fuck.

I like you too.

Smooth Iris. A second message doesn’t sound desperate at all.

I wonder what it would have been like if mark and I …finished in the copier room. Would he still be pursuing me?  Why do I second guess every bit of good fortune life flings my way.  Even with my first novel. All the glitz and glamour that came with the launch and success of the book is what I hid of. I kind of felt that if I show that I enjoy it will all be taken away from me. Why do I deserve to be happy? I have never understood that.  I get lost in my thoughts, then more emails. Suddenly realize it’s been 3 hours since I ordered lunch.

I grab my phone. Mark hasn’t replied. I phone Noah’s mobile phone.

Me: Hey what happened to you? Did Papa have to teach you how to make the bread first? Did the zombie apocalypse hit the bakery?

Noah: There’s been an accident. I am so sorry Iris, I won’t make it today. So sorry. I have to go.


The line went dead. Shit I hope everything is ok.

I grab my coat and head to the bakery.



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