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I have decided not to write about our wedding. I am going to be selfish and keep it just for us and the people who enjoyed it with us. But I have family in far corners of the world and friends all over who were unable to attend so here are just a taste of […]

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The thing with my birthday.

Today is my Birthday. (Yay) For the past few years my birthdays have been non-events. For reasons too sad and boring to mention here. Also STOP HAVING KIDS IN JANUARY. It’s cruel. I swear it’s the worst month to be born in. Only other Jan babies truly get it. Here are some of the reasons […]

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Write anything and everything. Just write it down. I don’t care if I am a good writer or a bad writer but I enjoy writing and if you ask me, that is enough.   If you are an avid reader of this blog you will know that Cupcakemummy and I have just written a short […]

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Chapter 8.

Read chapter 7 here with Cupcakemummy.   The Duck and the Cat Quacks and Meows Stupid cat and stupid duck Crappy children’s book Chinese food Feathers and Fur Yeah ok, the last one we can work with. Personally I thought “Book 1” had a certain rustic charm about it. But what do I know. I […]

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Short update. On many things.

Just a little catch up post. Few things going on, including lazy weekends and making curtains. So, I changed a few things around here. Nothing big. It was time to get a little more serious. Some serious opportunities have arisen.They will be shared in due time but they called for a slightly more serious look. […]

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