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I am jealous.

When I flip through my twitter, Instagram and Facebook and see photos of exotic travels, this Average Traveler gets excited. I am a large fan of living vicariously through others and following their adventures along one post or photo at a time. I love reading about others travels. It inspires me to go find my own. […]

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Tiny Towns – Tell your story

As an average traveler my destinations are often what other travelers consider boring. Not note worthy or vanilla even. But I have this theory that once you start enjoying the small dusty and dodgy towns you will enjoy the big trips to exotic places just so much more when the opportunity for them comes around. My tiny […]

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Why I choose to live in JHB

I cannot tell you how Often I get asked why I live in Johannesburg, if I am from Cape Town. Every-time I explain that I work for a wine estate (am opening a tasting room/brand) but am based in Joburg, people’s immediate response is “Why on earth did you choose Joburg over Cape Town?”. Recently my answers […]

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Spiders that suck.

As some of you might know, I recently spent a few days in hospital…from a spider bite. Yes, its sounds like BS but I assure you it was quite kak. It was a Friday afternoon and the gate motor of our complex seized up and needed to be manually unlocked and opened. Since I am […]

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Tandem Travel

As much as I like traveling alone I must admit, I enjoy company far more. I like sharing travel memories with friends. Take photos together and have memories of adventures shared. We still joke about an accidental queer art exhibition we went to. (Accidental as in we were not meant to be there, but it […]

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Tiny Towns – Parys

Not quite the city of love but a lieflike dorpie. As mentioned previously, we have been meaning to make our way to Parys for a few months but we never seemed to have the time. Turns out it wasn’t that far at all. An hour from home to be exact. Parys has been featured in […]

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