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Tannie Rina’s Malva Pudding

I live in a small town. Not much happens here. But because of that you get to know your neighbours. I have the most incredible neighbours. Tannie Rina and Oom Johan. (69 and 70 years old and still works everyday) Our cats have adopted them as grandparents and we are pretty sure they love “Ouma […]

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Swartberg Pass

The Swartberg pass is a mountain pass that connects Oudtshoorn to Prince Albert in the Klein Karoo. Upon our recent trip to Oudtshoorn we saw a little booklet about this pass at a restaurant. I will forever be thankful that my brother-in-law picked up the booklet and had a look at it. He proceeded to […]

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5 Estates I want to visit.

The problem with working in the wine industry is I tend to want to visit friends estates over the December holidays. Taste what everyone has been up to, sit down for a quick chat. Its lovely actually.  But often I miss out on trying new things from big farms and the opportunity to discover smaller […]

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Beach kit

  I don’t like going to the beach. SHOCK! HORROR! There I said it. I am a Cape Townian.(born in Somerset West) that does not enjoy a day spent at the beach. I think it’s a combination of wind, sand in your face and well everywhere and the whole being in the sun thing. Its […]

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Road trip essentials

Spending Christmas with my family means heading to Cape Town over December holidays. For the past 5 years Oscar and I have been driving down from Joburg to Cape Town. We used to dread the drive but in the last few years I like to think we have gotten a bit better at it. We […]

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