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Other people’s success

Other people’s success

I have 4 drafts ready to post and yet I don’t feel like posting any of them tonight. The lights are out and I refuse to do any work tonight. I have spent the past few hours reading other peoples work. Work I encourage them to do. I am surrounded by talent. So much so that It makes me feel pretty insignificant.

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For a cause

For the past few months my sister has been volunteering her Saturday mornings at an animal shelter. I never thought much of it other than being annoyed that we had to wait for her to get back before we can go out and enjoy our Saturday outing.

This was until a few weeks ago. It was a rough week and I had absolutely no intentions of getting up early. But my sister does not take no for an answer and I was up and dressed by 7:30am. (She did make me coffee to wake me up)

We drove out towards the Cape Town and turned off on to the N7, 20km before Malmesbury we turned right into an open plot of land and I immediately understood why my sister offers up her Saturdays for this.


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I’m a Worrier/Warrior

You know those people who make you phone/send a message when you get somewhere? Well I am one of them. I am a worrier.

I don’t know who said it first but it’s true. Those closest to you have the ability to hurt you the most. I always thought I was okay with being hurt. Maybe in a messed up way I even thought I deserved it. I worry so much about those around me I sometimes feel I annoy them. But I promise you I annoy you because I care. Because I need to know you are safe and taken care of. Because if you are not I will come running.

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Someone else’s Bucket List.

I was watching something on television the other day of an Australian girl who passed away in a car accident. Her mother had her daughters “Bucket list” printed on the church leaflet and before they knew it people from all over the world were completing this girl’s bucket list for her.

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A new look for an old reason.

I took a month long hiatus from blogging. I threw my all in getting married and enjoying our honeymoon, a phone and most certainly, a blog had no place in these events. But life has semi returned to normal.  (By normal I mean I have already been to Cape Town since getting back from honeymoon)

I am happy. Like really happy. I’m happy with my choices, my home, my life, my work. I am just generally happy. In order to keep this balance (for as long as I can) I have decided to make a few changes. On here as well as in life. Nothing deep or life altering. I just decided to adopt a few good habits.

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Would you look at that, its 2015.

I have had one of the best holidays this December I have had in a while and all we did was hang out with my family. Mostly at my Sisters place, she has a pool.

I barely touched my phone let alone do anything on here and I am not one bit sorry about that. A break was due. Much needed actually.

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Blogging advice.

Lately it seems as if everyone is asking everyone advice on how to be a successful blogger. This week I have read 5 articles alone. Is it just me or is there more advice being flung around than actual content? So in true Greenlydia style, I have some advice to dish out of my own.


How do I start a blog?

This is a tough one. But I have 3 easy steps for you to follow to create a shiny new blog of your own.

  • Buy a laptop – Blogging from your phone is so 2012. If you want to be a real blogger you need to be able to blog from prime locations such as niche coffee shops and airport lounges. You need a portable device for this. If you want people to take your content seriously, a Macbook is the prime device for this.


Pro tip: Always Instagram a picture of your laptop and say, coffee next to it. Or a beer. An air shot means you are a force to be reckoned with.



Never blog from home. The wifi might be good but this will do your image no good.


  • Open WordPress and sign up, save yourself some effort. OR start with Blogger. Grow, become too big for it and then tell the whole world how much it sucks to move over to WordPress. Either way will get people to engage with you. So it’s your call really.


  • Pick a cool catchy name. Something people can relate too. Like “My Spot” or “slim kak”. Your name and a colour also works. #Justsaying


What should I write about?

I have read answers like “Write about your passion” or “write about what you want to share”. Lets be honest, this is majorly unoriginal. I have a much better idea for you. (This one is free for the taking)

You will need the following:

Old newspapers

500ml water

Flower (Self raising)

Baking soda

Vinegar (White spirit will do the job)

Red food colouring.

Heres what you do:

Mush up the paper in the water. Cut it up real fine and keep adding water and flower until it becomes dough like. Once it has reached the consistency of day old oats its perfect.

Start moulding a cylindrical shape that bells out at the bottom. Go all “Ghost” and pretend you are in a pottery class.  Make sure the inside is hollow.  Let this dry for a few hours.


Now add the baking soda.

Get ready with your phone to snap the action – add the vinegar.


While this is erupting jot down how it’s making you feel.

First blog post accomplished.

How do I make money with my blog?

Easy. Set it up on your Macbook (assuming you are now a snazzy writer) Put the following add on Gumtree (or the likes)”BLOG FOR SALE on a Macbook pro”

I guarantee if you sell this as a package deal your blog will turn a nice profit.


Let’s face it guys. Blogging IS for everyone. That’s why everyone does it. Thats why its free. Bloggers as a community must learn to make peace with this. There will always be folks whom blog for free things, party invites and status. And some say “If you blog for the wrong reasons your blog wont last” Even I thought this to be true. But it’s not. If you blog for free lip-gloss incessantly, you will eventually get free lip-gloss. Blogs are less about content and more about connections. This partly sadness me but then again, The blogs I read (and have been reading for years) haven’t changed. The blogging for free things leads to one thing – actually getting free things. But I promise you. Once you get that first press drop, you will be annoyed to see the “Free things” bloggers who got it too. Just as you annoyed others. It’s one big annoying circle. So sit back, know that more people are doing it for “things” than you realise and stop caring.

Just write.

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The importance of being and organ donor, and not caring about murders.

The importance of being and organ donor, and not caring about murders.

Registering as an organ donor is a cause that has been close to my heart for quite a few years now. The importance of this simple task is so great I sometimes think people do not always realize it.

Giving an organ does not save a life. It GIVES a life. 

The way I see it, giving money to medical research is just that, research. Not to down play the good of it. There are countless horrible things that need curing, but signing up as an organ donor (when the time comes) is an instant fix.

You can instantly give someone a chance at life.

There are 4300 in SA currently waiting for an organ. That’s just what is listed. Who knows how many are not on the list. Suffering organ failure and not knowing it.

Recently I had a conversation with a friend who had some reserves on being an organ donor. (Which you are TOTALLY ALLOWED to have, It’s your body)She told me she is scared of signing up because if she were to be in an accident and said to be brain dead, would she really be dead?

Valid question.

Is brain dead really dead?

Will they take your organs if you still have a chance at life?

Well I did a little research and here is what I found.

Brain death is the complete and irreversible loss of brain function (including involuntary activity necessary to sustain life).Brain death is one of the two ways of determination of death, according to the Uniform Determination of Death Act of the United States (the other way of determining death being “irreversible cessation of circulatory and respiratory functions”). It is not the same as persistent vegetative state, in which the person is “alive”.

Brain death is used as an indicator of legal death in many jurisdictions, but it is defined inconsistently. Various parts of the brain may keep living when others die, and the term “brain death” has been used to refer to various combinations. For example, although a major medical dictionary says that “brain death” is synonymous with “cerebral death” (death of the cerebrum), the US National Library of Medicine Medical Subject Headings (MeSH) system defines brain death as including the brainstem. The distinctions can be important because, for example, in someone with a dead cerebrum but a living brainstem, the heartbeat and ventilation can continue unaided, whereas in whole-brain death (which includes brain stem death), only life support equipment would keep those functions going. Patients classified as brain-dead can have their organs surgically removed for organ donation.

Doctors all take an oath to “do no harm”. You are their first priority. Only when there is no possible way to save you. Will the suggestion be made to donate your organs.

I have tried to see this from every angle, I have tried to understand. But I just can’t. You do not take your body with you when you leave this world. Why do you have the need to hold onto it? How can you say no to saving multiple lives?

Another question that got asked recently is: “What if I save a murderer. Or a rapest”

The simple answer is you wont know. But what if the rolls were reversed? What if you were waiting for and organ a murderer died and was able to give you what you needed. Would you say no?

Would you say “Nah Ill wait for the next one”.

I doubt it.

When you sign up no tests are done on you, no examinations, nothing. This means you might not even be able to donate anything. Even just by signing up. Putting your name on a list, you give hope to those waiting for a chance at life.

There are 4300 people in SA waiting for organs. You can give them hope by simply adding your name.

It takes less than 5 minutes to register as an organ donor. 5 minutes you will forget tomorrow. 5 minutes that someone else might be grateful for the rest of their lives.

Give hope.

Click here to sign up as a donor.

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Updates and things

My lack of posts these past few weeks have been due to the craziest year (well actually the whole year) ever. I have never blogged on a schedule per se (God knows I have tried) but what I have been doing has always seemed to work for me so why bother right?

Here are a few updates of what’s been happening in different aspects of greenlydia’s life.

(Please excuse the lack of visual aids for this post, It was written rather quickly)


I have been travelling quite a bit for work which I totally love but travelling comes at a price.

  • My home office is so messy I could hide a dead body or two in here.
  • I haven’t had the time to write all the things I want to.
  • I am far too familiar with airport staff.
  • I miss my dude.
  • I Miss my cat.
  • My cupboard needs cleaning. Suitcase – wash – cupboard – repeat can get a little disorganized.

But I have really been enjoying being all over. I am so lucky to have a job that I love even when I hate it.

Last month our Office Manager left us after almost 2 years. (All the sadness) but we are very happy for her going on to do something that will make her truly happy. Replacing her has been a nightmare. Since when do people send CV’s in WORD documents?? I mean really now. We have managed to narrow down the search and I hope to have someone back in that office pretty soon.


It’s a little less than 4 months to go before Oscar and I say “I do”. Thus far it has been a lot of fun planning things. All of the big things have been taken care of. The church, venue, food, music, photographer. Now just the fun details left. This is my favourite part. All the things that will make this day pretty and memorable for us and our guests.

Oh I don’t have a wedding dress yet. This is a bit tricky as I don’t like the fuss of having one made, but finding one to buy or hire that doesn’t look like confectionary is a tough task.

I would LOVE it if anyone could drop me a line of someone/store where I can buy one with minimal effort. (Guys, I really dread the whole dress thing.)


Well as most of the regular readers would know, I started #ProjectPoetry and roped in 3 other writers to join. Simple concept, I write something and highlight one line. Next writer opens with said line and so forth. These ladies have been SO GREAT at this we decided to switch it up and carry on for one more month. I will be posting me next one pretty soon.

Have a read here for the others.

#LikeLife 2? Yup it’s true. Cupcakemummy and I are teaming up once again to write a sequel to our first Novella. The response to book 1 was greater than either of us could have ever imagined and I am SO excited to share what happens next. Keep an eye out for the hash tag.


A few posts back I wrote about my own take on a wine rating system and I have been putting some real work into this. I am so excited to start putting some fun back into wine and sharing it here.

The first wine will be up this week followed by a feature on the RMBWinex that I will be visiting this year.

Wino’s stay tuned.

(Maybe some wine giveaways in the near future too)


That’s all I can share with you right now.

So many things happening.

So many things to write about.

So many things to be happy about.

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5 traits in humans that make me naar.

I know this list is much longer, but here are my top 5 for the past few weeks.

Drop me a comment to let me know if you think something big is missing.


We all know one (or a few) – “I can do ALL OF THIS” or “I know this famous dude” or “Oh you write a blog? That’s cute. Well I have been asked to write novels but am too busy”



That person that tells you about ALL THE HARDSHIPS that they have ever been through in the first 5minutes of knowing you and then throws in the “Oh but I am such a blessed person and so lucky”

Shush. Real hardships happen on idle Tuesday at 4 in the afternoon. Didn’t you listen to what Baz Luhrmann said?



These people are my favourite to blankly stare at. – “Oh well I am such a giver you know, that’s just how I am. Always taking care of other people.” “Ill always do my best to help anyone and everyone you know?”

Real kindness does not think its kind. It gets worn like an apron while dealing with others hardships and then hung up behind the door. It’s not a flashy dress that you show off to the world while you are helping someone.



Different to the boaster, this particular breed of douch recites his or her CV when you see them. EVERY.TIME. “Hi my name is dick and I am the CEO of Dreamland and I have a masters in bullshit management and Oh would you look at that? Here is my golden diploma of douchness.



People who respond in “K” to anything. They are a special kind of dick.  The worst of this species are the ones that say “K” to you in person. Use the “O” for goodness sake.  If you don’t use proper words speaking to me I am just going to stare at you.


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