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I used to sit and watch planes

Now I get to be on them. Ever looked up to the sky, saw a plane and wondered where it is flying to? Well, wonder no more.Travelstart have come up with a list of the most popular flight routes searched for by South Africans! The most popular flight route – by far! is the flight from Cape […]

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Top Travel Apps

I have never been the kind of person who plans ahead much. I don’t bother to check in online, I don’t even look up my flight. I kind of just…so up.

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Whats on my face – Durban

I have never been a makeup girl. Well, I guess to an extent I am, but less so than friends. Painting my face has never been high on my priority list and I happily leave the house with nothing on my face other than sunscreen. No one wants to read about life being harder recently. (Who […]

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Must have travel bags

Travel light, but with the best luggage, you can find. I have learned to travel with a solid mix of basics and frivolous things. I wish that after 6 years of writing a travel blog I can write stories about how well I pack. How I have perfected the art of not packing things I don’t […]

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5 Travel Shows to inspire you

As an average traveler, I hold down a day job and live a relatively busy life. At my own will. I like being busy. Even when I can’t keep up physically, I read, have side hustles and am involved in the building a tiny fun little company. But sometimes I being average means that the […]

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2017 in places

Anyone feel like you have been holding your breath this whole year? January kicked off with a customary underwear dip in the pool. A fresh start. So much promise. So many wonderful things were right in reach.  February brought change. Change we were all ready for and change we have been learning to live with […]

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5 things to buy the average traveller for Christmas

A gift guide for the traveller girl who doesn’t like receiving gifts. It’s no secret that I am not a fan of Christmas. In fact the older I get the more I actively dislike it. I don’t put a tree, I don’t decorate anything. For one, I go home to Cape Town for Christmas. But I […]

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