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Growing up I remember doing a lot of airport-runs with my mum. Dropping people off, picking others up, walking up and down in front of the arrivals gate. I remember wishing I could go beyond the gate. I wanted to see what was on the other side. Skip a few years and airports have become my regular stomping grounds. Lanseria International Airport has become my airport of choice for local travel and here is why you need to choose Lanseria for your next local flight. Lanseria is undergoing some serious expansion and the thought of more parking fills me with delight. Part of the expansion includes an upgraded terminal building that I can’t wait to see. I spend so much time there it feels like an extension of my home. Here are a few little things you might not have known about the airport.

  • It was actually the brainchild of aviation enthusiasts. When you think about it, it is rather clear in its design. The viewing deck of the restaurant on the top floor is what wanderlust dreams are made of. You can sit and sip great coffee in the shade as you what countless planes, large and small, come and go.
  • There is free wifi for 30minutes. Log on with your email address and enjoy the complimentary service.
  • THERE IS FREE COFFEE BETWEEN THE BOARDING GATES. Yes, all caps were needed for that. There are coffee and tea stations spaced between the boarding gates and this is honestly one of the best reasons to fly from Lanseria.
  • Commercial flights between Johannesburg and Cape Town, Durban and George operate daily on, Mango, and FlySafair.
  • Small and efficient. The airport is much smaller than OR Tambo international airport and for traveling on domestic flights it is fast, compact and a breeze to move through.
  • Cool things in the waiting area. For the past few months, there have been arcade games in the general waiting area and it is such fun to play while you wait.
  • Plug and charging points are everywhere. When I travel for work I often work from the airport (and the plane) and I have to run to meetings on the other end. Having my laptop and phone charged is essential and Lanseria makes it easy.

  Lanseria International Airport has changed the way I travel. With a very convenient flight schedule, free coffee and only one carousel to find your luggage it really does make traveling much simpler.    



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